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  • Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  • Name the separator Gameplay.

Gameplay Enhancements

TTW Reputations

Adds a functional reputation system to Fallout 3 for parity with New Vegas.

TTW N.V. Speech Checks

Converts all Fallout 3 dialogue to utilize the New Vegas speech system.


  • Main File - TTW New Vegas Speech Checks
  • Optional File - TTW New Vegas Speech Checks - TTW Reputations Patch

Tale of Bi Wastelands

Adds Confirmed Bachelor and Cherchez La Femme options for the canonically gay and lesbian merchants to mirror any Black Widow and Lady Killer options in Fallout 3 and its DLC.


Charisma Tweaks (NVSE)

This mod makes it so that your Charisma and the Intellence of the person you're speaking to impacts barter and speech checks.


Many skill checks, including speech checks, will display DIFFERENT skill values than your actual skill, because charisma is now imparting a multiplier on the skill check. DO NOT open support requests pertaining to this.


Tweaks for TTW

A collection of miscellaneous tweaks for TTW to enhance the gameplay experience.


Delay DLC Redux TTW

Prevents the game's DLC from spamming the new game startup messages and requires you be near a given DLC's starting location to receive its quest.


READ THE DESCRIPTION for instructions on accessing DLCs with this mod enabled.


  • Main File - Delay DLC Redux TTW
  • Optional File - Delay DLC Redux TTW - Pre-Order Pack Placement

TTW Quick Start

Quick start plugin to skip the Vault 101 intro sequence and start in the cave just outside the vault.


HIGHLY recommended for balance, though inappropriate for those playing the base games for the first time.

READ THE DESCRIPTION for details on the new location of the Medicine Bobblehead.


To travel to the Mojave Wasteland, select "memory" when prompted "Is this now, or just a memory" immediately after leaving the vault.

(Benny Humbles You) and Steals Your Stuff

Resets the player's level and skills, as well as removes gear upon travelling from the Capital Wasteland to the Mojave for the first time. Players get to keep their perks during this transition and eventually recover their items.


  • Main File - Benny Humbles You and Steals Your Stuff

Just Assorted Mods

JAM is a compilation of interface and gameplay-enhancing mods in one package, configurable in MCM. Features a FO4-style Loot Menu, Bullet Time, and much more.



A custom configuration file with additional gameplay options enabled, such as FO3 style repair, localized DT/DR, weapon mods on enemy weapons, etc.


Revolutionizes the way companions are controlled and interacted with.

Main Files:

Supplemental Ammo Crafting

Adds crafting and breakdown recipes for all ballistic ammo types that lacked said recipes in the base game.

Stash Organizer

Automatically organizes your items in any interior cell. Can be tricky to set up initially, though pays dividends in item organization later in the game.


  • Main File - Stash Organizer
  • Press the VATS hotkey while looking at a container to access the Stash Organizer menu.

READ THE DESCRIPTION for further instructions on use.

Home and Safehouse Tweaks

Adds crafting stations and additional containers to several vanilla player homes.


  • Main File - Home and Safehouse Tweaks
    • Main file:
      • Home and Safehouse Tweaks
    • Patches:
      YUP Patch
      TTW Addon
  • Main File - Home and Safehouse Tweaks INI File
  • After installing the main file, double-click the mod, go to INI Files, and customize the INI settings to your preferences.

Bottle The Water

Adds the option to bottle water from any source when you hold Shift and activate the source, assuming you have an empty bottle.

Simple Night Vision - ESPless

Adds togglable night vision and thermal imaging modes to power armor helmets. Fully configurable!


  • Main File - Simple Night Vision
    • Main File:
      • Plugin (Recommended)
      • Scriptrunner
    • Texture Quality:
      • 2k
      • 1k
    • Texture Options:
      • Compress Textures
  • Press N to toggle night vision.
  • Hold N to add night vision support to your current headgear.

Hardcore Perk Every Level

Changes TTW's Hardcore mode to grant a perk every level, instead of every two.


Consider SKIPPING this mod for a more hardcore experience.

Better Caravan

Improves the usability of the Caravan minigame.

TTW Merchant Supply Expansion

Gives TTW vendors better selections.


  • Main File - Craterside Supply Expansion
  • Main File - Flak n Shrapnel Expansion

Better Damage Multipliers

Improved damage multipliers for the game's difficulty settings. In the base game, the approach to difficulty balance involved making enemies bullet sponges. This mod removes that approach.

Movement & Travel

Transportalponder EX

Upgrades the vanilla Big MT Transportalponder! received at the conclusion of Old World Blues into a configurable teleportation device.


A fast-travel overhaul implementing an alternative system using molerats and moleholes. Adds a new faction, settlement, and quest as well.


  • Main File - SD_Transporters FOMOD
    • Choose Your Version:
      • Fallout New Vegas
      • Downloadable Content
      • Tale of Two Wastelands
  • Main File - SD_Transporters Spelling Pathc

Consider DISABLING traditional fast traveling in Stewies Tweaks for a more hardcore experience.

NPCs Sprint kNVSE - ESPless

An implementation of combat sprinting for melee NPCs.


  • Main File - NPCs Sprint kNVSE - ESPless

Enhanced Movement

An all-in-one movement overhaul and expansion featuring movement bug fixes, 1st person diagonal movement, enhanced sprint, enhanced sneak, enhanced leaning, animated prone framework, new animations, and more.


  • To apply the Custom INI settings:
    • Press M from the pause menu to access the MCM.
    • Navigate to Enhanced Movement.
    • Enable "Use INI."


Sweet Perk Overhaul

This is a complete rebalance and overhaul of many base game perks.


  • Main File - Sweet Perk Overhaul
  • Optional File - No Big Guns Patch

Sweet 6 Shooter Perks

The Sweet 6 Shooter perk pack adds many new perks and traits to the game, with a heavy focus on proper balance, role-playing, and promoting build variety.


  • Main File - Sweet 6 Shooter Perk Pack TTW Version

Friends With Benefits Perk Pack

A set of perks that grant bonuses once idolized by various factions.