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Tweaks & Quality-Of-Life

Baka Skill Book Scanner

Dynamic quest markers that highlight nearby skill books, anywhere, anytime

Better Caravan

Engine plugin significantly improving the usability of the Caravan minigame. Optionally fixes AI bugs to make opponents a little smarter.

Casino Exchange All

Trade in all Caps, Legion, NCR & (optionally) Pre-war Money at once, at the casino cashiers. Grab the optional file for voices too.

Delay DLC Redux TTW

Prevents the game's DLC from spamming the new game startup messages and requires you be near a given DLC's starting location to receive its quest. Read the description so you understand how to start the DLCs with this mod installed.

Faster Pip-Boy Animation

Modifies the Pip-Boy animation to be 2x or 3x faster than default. Works with most Pip-Boy mods. I suggest the 2x version.

Misc Gamesetting Tweaks

Customizes some vanilla gamesettings with text files powered by Stewie's Tweaks. Select whatever you want in the installer; if you want to change your settings just reinstall the mod and select different options.

Perk Every Level

This particular gamesetting tweak in this mod won't actually affect TTW due to a technicality, however TTW already grants a perk every level in non-Hardcore mode. If you want this for Harcore Mode, install Hardcore Perk Every Level.

NV Collectibles - Merged

Quest markers for collectible items from New Vegas (Snow Globes, S.S. Star Bottle Caps) as well as Dead Money, Honest Hearts & Lonesome Road.

Root 'n Loot TTW

Replaces all static (non-interactive) containers with lootable equivalents.

Stash Organizer

Automatically organizes your items in any interior cell, modded or vanilla. Read the description so you understand how to use it!

TTW Collectible Quests Merged

Quest markers for bobbleheads, steel ingots (The Pitt), alien captive recordsings (Zeta), intel briefcases (Anchorage) & Keller Family transcripts.

TTW Quick Start

Quick start plugin to skip the Vault 101 intro sequence and start in the cave just outside the vault. The Medicine Bobblehead is not given at the start; you can pick it up later during Trouble on the Homefront.

Tweaks for TTW

A collection of miscellaneous tweaks for TTW. After installing the Main File, double-click the mod in the left pane and go to INI Files & customize to your liking.

New Features

JIP Companions

Revolutionizes the way companions are controlled and interacted with. A must-have, it has every feature imaginable when it comes to companions. JIP CCC HD Icons is also recommended. If you don't like the avatars, try Vault Boy JIP CCC Avatars or Perk Styled CCC Icons.

Just Assorted Mods

JAM is a compilation of interface and gameplay-enhancing mods in one package, configurable in MCM. Features FO4-style Loot Menu, Sprint, Bullet Time, and much more.


Mothership Zeta Rewards

Adds a container upon completing Mothership Zeta, it will be populated with the items from any abductees you decided to keep alive during your playthrough. Think Honest Hearts, but better!

Sweet6Shooter Perks

Adds 60+ perks and 12+ traits in a vanilla friendly, immersive way.


  • Main File - Sweet 6 Shooter Perk Pack TTW Version
  • Optional File - NVB1Patch

Tale of Bi Wastelands

Adds Confirmed Bachelor and Cherchez La Femme options for the canonically gay & lesbian merchants to mirror any Black Widow and Lady Killer options in Fallout 3 and its DLC.

Transportalponder EX

Upgrades the vanilla Big MT Transportalponder! received at the conclusion of Old World Blues into a configurable teleportation device.

TTW Reputations

Adds a functional reputation system to Fallout 3 for parity with New Vegas; compatible with TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.

TTW N.V. Speech Checks

Converts all Fallout 3 dialogue to use the New Vegas speech system; compatible with TTW Reputations.