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  • Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  • Name the separator Gameplay.

The recommended difficulty with these mods enabled is Very Hard with Hardcore Mode on. Sweet's page will tell you to use Normal, but with Better Damage Multipliers, I feel Very Hard is a justified difficulty. - Very

TTW Reputations

Adds a functional reputation system to Fallout 3 for parity with New Vegas; compatible with TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.

TTW N.V. Speech Checks

Converts all Fallout 3 dialogue to use the New Vegas speech system; compatible with TTW Reputations.


  • Main File - TTW New Vegas Speech Checks
  • Optional File - TTW New Vegas Speech Checks - TTW Reputations Patch

Tale of Bi Wastelands

Adds Confirmed Bachelor and Cherchez La Femme options for the canonically gay & lesbian merchants to mirror any Black Widow and Lady Killer options in Fallout 3 and its DLC.

Tale of Bi Wastelands TTW - TTW Reputations + TTW New Vegas Speech Checks Patches

Two tiny patches to ensure proper functionality between pintocat's Tale of Bi Wastelands TTW and Kazopert's TTW Reputations and TTW New Vegas Speech Checks.


  • Main File - Tale of Bi Wastelands - TTW New Vegas Speech Checks
  • Main File - Tale of Bi Wastelands - TTW Reputations patch

Sweet Perk Overhaul

This is a rebalance and overhaul of many base game perks, with many granting bonuses based on active SPECIAL values.


  • Main File - Sweet Perk Overhaul
  • Optional File - No Big Guns Patch

Sweet 6 Shooter Perks

The Sweet 6 Shooter perk pack adds 99 perks and 22 traits in a vanilla friendly, immersive way.


  • Main File - Sweet 6 Shooter Perk Pack TTW Version
  • Optional File - NVB1Patch (If you decide on using New Vegas Bounties 1 LE, which is in the next section of the guide.)

Mothership Zeta Rewards

Adds a container upon completing Mothership Zeta, it will be populated with the items from any abductees you decided to keep alive during your playthrough. Think Honest Hearts, but better!

Transportalponder EX

Upgrades the vanilla Big MT Transportalponder! received at the conclusion of Old World Blues into a configurable teleportation device.

Delay DLC Redux TTW

Prevents the game's DLC from spamming the new game startup messages and requires you be near a given DLC's starting location to receive its quest. Read the description so you understand how to start the DLCs with this mod installed.


  • Main File - Delay DLC Redux TTW
  • Optional File - Delay DLC Redux TTW - Pre-Order Pack Placement

TTW Quick Start

Quick start plugin to skip the Vault 101 intro sequence and start in the cave just outside the vault. The Medicine Bobblehead is not given at the start; you can pick it up later during Trouble on the Homefront.

TTW Quick Start Item Remover

This mod provides you with a greater choice regarding what items to receive at the beginning of the game when using TTW Quick Start. User configurable.

Wasteland Starting Gear DC

This is a small mod that provides you stat based starting gear at the beginning of your TTW playthrough.

TTW No Free Levelup

This tiny mod removes the free XP resulting in enough for a levelup when leaving the vault in Fallout 3.


  • Main File - TTW No Free Levelup
    • Double-click the mod in the left pane & use the Optional ESPs menu to hide TTW No Free Levelup.esp.
      • Select the file from Available ESPs, then click the ⬅️ button to move it into Optional ESPs.

Benny Humbles You

Resets the player's level and skills, as well as removes gear upon travelling from the CW to the Mojave for the first time.


Nail Gun Semi Auto Rework

Recommended to be used in tandem with the previous mod.

Root 'n Loot TTW

Replaces all static (non-interactive) containers with lootable equivalents.

Just Assorted Mods

JAM is a compilation of interface and gameplay-enhancing mods in one package, configurable in MCM. Features FO4-style Loot Menu, Sprint, Bullet Time, and much more.


IF YOU USE THIS MOD YOU MUST DISABLE KILLCAMS, otherwise you will encounter a timescale bug when exiting Just Bullet Time after a killcam is activated.

Clean Just Assorted Mods

Higher resolution UI elements for Just Assorted Mods.

Bullet Time Improved - a JAM Addon

An addon for Just Assorted Mods that adds some new features for Just Bullet Time.

Just Sprint Plus - Expansion for JAM

Addon package for JAM/JVS that includes new features, animations, gameplay options, and 360 movement support.


  • Install For:
    JAM - Just Assorted Mods
    JVS - Just Vanilla Sprint

NPCs Sprint kNVSE - ESPless

Simple kNVSE implementation of combat sprinting for melee NPCs.


  • Main File - NPCs Sprint kNVSE - ESPless


Revolutionizes the way companions are controlled and interacted with.

Main Files:

JIP Localized Damage Fix

This small scriptrunner standardizes all of the player's body part damage multipliers.


A custom INI for JIP LN NVSE Plugin with enhanced gameplay options enabled.


  • Main File - JIP LN Custom INI

Weapon Requirements System

Implements a working gameplay system so that the Strength and Skill requirements that weapons list finally do something for ALL of them.

Immersive Recoil 2.0

Adds working recoil to the wasteland.

Dynamic Weapon Spread 2.0

An overhaul to the weapon spread system that allows firearms to be far more accurate in certain conditions, and less accurate where appropriate.

Consistent Spread - Firearms Accuracy and Wobble Fix

Fixes firearms inconsistent accuracy caused by vanilla weapon wobble and bugged character spread setting.

Stewie Tweaks Custom INI

A custom INI file for Stewie's Tweaks that enables a lot more useful gameplay and QoL changes.


  • Main File - Stewie Tweaks Custom INI

Tweaks for TTW

Collection of small miscellaneous tweaks for TTW.


Supplemental Ammo Crafting

Adds crafting and breakdown recipes for pretty much all of the ballistic ammo types that were missing them in NV and TTW.


  • Main File - Supplemental Ammo Crafting TTW

Armor Damage Overhaul

This mod changes the way armor damage is calculated, from the reduced damage value after applying DT/DR, to the base damage value. It doesn't make much sense that there are two different ways armor 'toughness' is calculated, and this mod fixes that, among other tweaks.

Better Caravan

Engine plugin significantly improving the usability of the Caravan minigame.

Casino Exchange All

Trade in all currency at once when at casinos.


  • Main File - Casino Exchange All 1-5a
    • Options:
      • Exchange Pre-War Money
  • Optional File - Voices for Casino Exchange All

Faster Pip-Boy Animation

Speeds up the animation for pulling out and putting away the Pip-Boy.


  • Main File - Faster Pip-Boy Animation (2x)

Hardcore Perk Every Level

Changes TTW's Hardcore mode to grant perk every level, instead of every two.


  • Main File - Hardcore Perk Every Level

TTW Merchant Supply Expansion

This is just a little series of esp-free ScriptRunners to give TTW vendors better selections.


  • Main File - Craterside Supply Expansion
  • Main File - Flak n Shrapnel Expansion
Spicy Mods Ahead

The mods ahead may change the game dramatically, requiring compensation in gameplay style for the systems they add. Procceed with caution!

New Blood

Sweet's take on a lighter alternative to BLEED's damage overhaul.


  • Main File - AnhNVSE (If not already installed previously.)
  • Main File - New Blood

Better Damage Multipliers

Improved damage multipliers for the game's difficulty settings.

Aid Addon

Featuring 16 new healing items and new Survival healing options, this mod is a nice addition to New Blood, adding items to deal with the actual bleed effect, among many others.


Sweet Consumables

Top to bottom overhaul of consumable and misc items. Goes well with the previous two mods.


  • Main File - Sweet Consumables TTW