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  • Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  • Name the separator Visuals.
Where are all the texture mods?

We felt texture mods are out of the scope of this guide, but feel free to check out New Vegas Visual Renewal. Support for it is provided on The Wasteland Supplemental.

Visual Fixes & Optimizations

New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod

Optimizations and fixes for a large selection of meshes in the base game and DLC.


Fixes dozens of game models across the base game and DLCs.

Aqua Performa

Significantly improves performance on the New Vegas strip by removing unseen water LOD.

Climate Control NVSE

NVSE plugin which fixes bugs and adds utilities for weather mods.

Depth of Field Fix

Fix for depth of field bleeding over onto player's viewmodel.

External Emittance Fix

Fixes a bug that would cause certain particles to appear black.

Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks

Fixes some alpha rendering issues like broken effects when using Transparency Multisampling.

Fog-based Object Culling

Dynamically adjusts draw distance in accordance with the fog to improve performance with little to no visual difference.

Muzzle Flash Light Fix

Fixes muzzle flash lights not being culled after shot, leading to game still using them for illumination.

Pip-Boy Shading Fix

Fixes a bug that caused the Pip-Boy to ignore external lights & appear oddly dark - especially in interiors.

PipBoyOn Node Fixes

Fixes multiple pipboy:on nodes in the vanilla game armor meshes and TTW to remove the annoying pip-boy flicker.


  • Main File - PipBoyOn Node Fixes TTW

Viewmodel Shake Fix

Fix for massive shaking during aiming caused by floating point precision loss.

Viewmodel Shading Fix

Mod fixes totally wrong specular lighting, and lack of muzzle flash lights on viewmodel.


Fixes moonlight, making the moon the light caster instead of the sun.

Improved Lighting Shaders

Fixes exterior lighting bugs & allows up to 4x the number of active lights.

Visual Improvements

Mobile Pip-Boy Light

Attaches Pip-Boy light to the Pip-Boy so it moves with the player's arm.

High Resolution Bloom

Increases bloom precision, reducing flicker.

High Resolution Water Fog

Increases resolution of water depth render target, thus significantly reducing aliasing and improving image quality.

Improved LOD Noise Texture

Makes distant land textures less ugly.

Metro Map Replacer

Texture replacers for the underground metro maps, making them actually useful for navigation.

Simply Upscaled Grass

Upscaled grass texture, improving visual quality with negligible performance impact.


  • Main File - Simply Upscaled Grass - Vanilla Style - 2k

Weapon Animations

ISControl Enabler

Removes the requirement to patch weapons manually for ISControl nodes of animations. Required for Anniversary Anim Pack.

Anniversary Anim Pack

Includes three of Hitman's previous animation/bugfix mods, Subtle Camera Motion, Iron Sights Recoil Animations, and Fire Animation Variants. Also includes some new previously unreleased animations.

B42 Weapon Inertia

Gives weapons realistic inertia movement.

Compatibility Skeleton

Allows multiple mods that edit the skeleton mesh to work together, required for B42 Weapon Inertia. ALWAYS LET THIS MOD OVERWRITE MODS WITH SKELETON FILES.


  • Optional File - NVCS Vanilla Weights

Lighting & Weather

Cloud Upgrade NVSE

NVSE plugin which adds pseudo-animated clouds for horizons and panoramic cloud systems.

Interior Rain

Interior rain sounds powered by Climate Control NVSE.


  • Main File - Interior Rain
  • Optional File - Interior Rain - TTW

3D Rain

Replace the ugly 2D rain found in Zion Canyon (as well as most weather mods) with a new 3D version. Rain no longer looks weird when you look up or down.

Climate Control - Rain

Rain fixes and improvements powered by Climate Control NVSE. Supports 3D Rain.


  • Main File - Climate Control - Rain
  • Optional File - Climate Control - 3D Rain

Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks

Makes changes to Image Spaces and Lighting Templates to give interiors a more dynamic and atmospheric look.


  • Main File - Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks - TTW

Desert Natural Weathers TTW

An overhaul of weathers with 360 degree panoramic cloud textures, improved lighting, and DLC support.


  • Main File - Desert Natural Weathers TTW