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Where are all the texture mods?

WSG keeps things very light on textures, but please check out Salamand3r's Texture Guide if it's something you are looking to add to your game.

Visual Fixes & Optimizations

Aqua Performa

Significantly improves performance on the New Vegas strip by removing unseen water LOD.


Main File - Strip Performance Fix

Exterior Emittance Fix

Fixes a bug that would cause certain particles to appear black.


Main File - Exterior Emittance Fix

Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks

Fixes alpha rendering issues related to transparency multisampling.


Main File - Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks

Fog-based Object Culling

Dynamically adjusts draw distance in accordance with the fog to improve performance with little to no visual difference.


Main File - Fog-based Object Culling

High Resolution Water Fog

Increases resolution of water depth render target, thus significantly reducing aliasing and improving image quality.


Main File - High Resolution Water Fog

High Resolution Screens

Increases the render resolution of in-game screens (Pip-Boy, terminals, character creation menu) to match your monitor resolution, making them much sharper and more readable.


Main File - High Resolution Screens

High Res Local Maps

Increases resolution of local maps, resulting in a sharper and clearer image.


Main File - High Res Local Maps

Visual Improvements

CPI - Mod Patches

Gives the "Consistent Pip-Boy Icons" treatment to modded content such as Cyberware. We install this file very late in the guide to ensure it overwrites all the other mods in the guide and we can see all of its icons.


  • Main File - 3. CPI - Mod Patches
    • In the Installer just click Install

Improved LOD Noise Texture

Makes distant land textures less ugly.


Main File - Improved LOD noise Texture

Metro Map Replacer

Texture replacers for the underground metro maps, making them actually useful for navigation.


Main File - Metro Map Replacer

Mostly Fixed Facegen Tints

Removes unsightly green tint from NPC face textures.


Main File - FaceGen Tint Fixes for TTW

Power Armor Visual Enhancement

PAVE is a retexture pack for all power armors in FNV and F3/TTW.


  • Main File - Power Armor Visual Enhancement 2K
    • Double-click the mod in the left pane & use the Optional ESPs menu to hide PAVE_NV.esp
  • Update File - PAVE Compatiblity Plugins
    • Double-click the mod in the left pane & use the Optional ESPs menu to hide PAVE_NV.esp

Simply Upscaled Grass

Upscaled grass texture, improving visual quality with negligible performance impact.


Main File - Simply Upscaled Grass

Lighting & Weather

Dusty Distance Redone

Applies a subtle "distant fog" effect that looks nice and can hide ugly LOD, z-fighting and other engine bugs without feeling intrusive.


  • Main File - Dusty Distance Redone-
  • Optional File - Dusty Distance Redone - 39k (no nights tweaks)

High Resolution Bloom NVSE

Increases bloom precision, reducing its flicker.


Main File - High Resolution Bloom

Improved Lighting Shaders

Fixes exterior lighting bugs & allows up to 4x the number of active lights.


Main File - Improved Lighting Shaders


Fixes moonlight, making the moon the light caster instead of the sun.


Main File - MoonlightNVSE

No Muzzle Flash Lights

Improves game performance in combat by disabling lights cast on the environment by muzzle flashes. Only the radiant light cast by the flashes is disabled - not the muzzle flashes themselves.


Main File - No More Muzzle Flash Lights

Pip-Boy Shading Fix NVSE

By default, the Pip-Boy ignores external lights, making it appear oddly dark - especially in interiors. This mod fixes that.


Main File - Pip Boy Shading Fix

Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks

Makes changes to Image Spaces and Lighting Templates to give interiors a more dynamic and atmospheric look.


Main File - Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks - TTW

Desert Natural Weathers

An overhaul of weathers with 360 degree panoramic cloud textures, improved lighting, and DLC support.


Main File - Desert Natural Weathers TTW