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Important Mods

A Tree

It's a nice tree.

Benny Clowns On You And Steals Your Bitches

The ultimate difficulty mod.

Blackout ENB

There are lots of great ENBs for a lot of games last time I played TTW back in the day I used Marcurio's. And it was solid. I think most of these ENB critics have never played with one that was configured for gameplay instead of screenarchery. Or they're just haters playing on potatos that don't have the power for extra post-processing. Anyone that says ENBs look like shit are just exposing themselves as failures implementing it.

Bruhmin Sound Replacer


Buddy Chicken Companion

Unfathomably based.

DeepStyle Retexture

A texture pack except actually good.

Eat Books

Eat books.

Exclamation Mark Error Replacer

Prepare yourself for a career in politics by sweeping systemic failures under the rug and pretending they don't exist. Learning how to not break the game is boring and stupid anyway.⠀⠀

Get Fucked NVSE

Greatly improves NPC interactions.

Gundrops and Icecream - Accidental Discharge

Drop your gun and it goes off.

Helmet Overlay

🏆 Mod of the Year 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024

Improves the gameplay by obscuring a significant portion of the viewport with a grainy texture. This makes it more difficult to see, which is immersive.

Helpless Falling 2022

Like helpful falling, but the opposite.

Immersive Crouching

Makes crouching immersive.

Lanius Gets Obliterated

Overhauls the dialogue during the climax of the game.

No More NVSE

Using NVSE for such trivial fix is either overkill or worse, pure show off. This mod was conceived into much more friendly and much more simple manner, vanilla style way.

Pepe Glare

For special Troopers.

Player Clone Gun

Gary? Haha, Gary!

Potato Weaponry

The ultimate arsenal.

Punch the Mick and Ralph's Crier in the Face

What's his problem anyway?

Snig Bobbleheads

Makes the bobbleheads look like some creep who dumps his girlfriend every time her brain finishes developing, doing a Jack Nicholson impression.

System Shock 2

Submit to the biomass and your suffering will end.


Adds Tetris to the Pip-Boy so you can play a game that's actually fun while you're playing New Vegas.

Whose Smell is it Anyway?

Nehred is normally pretty funny; what's with the fart joke? Must be a French thing.