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Before we can even begin...

This guide does not cover the installation of Tale of Two Wastelands and Mod Organizer 2.

You must have fully completed The Best of Times before starting Wasteland Survival Guide.

Not Vortex Compatible

This guide uses Mod Organizer 2 exclusively. The steps specifically pertain to MO2 features and cannot be completed on any other mod manager. Support will only be provided for MO2.

About the Guide

Wasteland Survival Guide is a modding guide for Tale of Two Wastelands and not a "modlist". The sections are meant to be completed sequentially. Having said that, the guide is designed to be modular, so you can skip mods or entire sections of mods that you don't wish to install. No matter which mods you choose, you must then complete the Final Steps section so they will be ordered correctly.

The guide assumes you are already familiar with the skills you learned during The Best of Times, such as how to install mods with Mod Organizer 2. If in doubt, take another look at that guide.


All support you may need, and feedback and suggestions you may have, can be posted at our NEW Discord, The Wasteland Supplemental!

Installing Mods

The majority of mods have no special installation instructions. This means that you simply click the Mod Manager Download button for the latest Main File for the given mod, then double-click it in the Downloads tab of MO2's right pane to install. If a mod does have special instructions, they will be clearly indicated in the guide.

When installing multiple files from the same Nexus mod page, you will be prompted to "Merge, Rename or Replace" and you should rename the file to its respective filename. Additional details about - and exceptions to - this rule are covered in The Best of Times - Mod Installation Instructions.