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About the Guide

Wasteland Survival Guide is a customizable, modular modding guide for Tale of Two Wastelands.

  • The Core Guide focuses on stability and performance and should be completed by everyone.
  • The Modding Guide is totally customizable, so feel free to skip mods (or entire sections) at your leisure.
  • When you are done installing mods, no matter how many you chose to install or skip, you must also complete Final Steps.

You don't need any prior modding experience to follow the guide, but you will need a basic level of competence using a computer, and to carefully read and follow all instructions.

Continuing from The Best of Times?

If you are continuing from the official TTW Installation Guide, you should start this guide at the Utilities section. You should already have nearly everything there with the exception of AnhNVSE.


  • Legal English copies of both Fallout 3 and New Vegas with all DLCs on either Steam, GOG or Epic Game Store.
    • GoTY/Ultimate edition is not a factor so long as you have all of the DLCs for both games.
    • You may "mix and match" Steam, GOG and Epic versions; e.g. FO3 on Epic and FNV on Steam is supported.
    • Xbox Game Pass version is not supported (unmoddable).
  • ~30 GB of free space for installation.
  • Windows 7 or higher (64-bit).
  • DirectX Runtime Libraries.
    • Extract the archive to any location and run DXSETUP.exe.
  • VC++ Runtime Libraries.
    • Extract the archive and run the included install_all.bat as an administrator to install all of the required libraries at once.
  • 7-Zip or NanaZip.
  • The latest GPU drivers (either NVIDIA, AMD or Intel).
  • A Nexus Mods account.
Not Vortex Compatible

This guide uses Mod Organizer 2 exclusively. The steps specifically pertain to MO2 features and cannot be completed on Vortex or any other mod manager. Support will only be provided for MO2.