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User Interface & HUD

Core HUD/UI Mods

User Interface Organizer

Automatically ensures that multiple HUD extensions work together. Required to use the following UI mods.


Main File - User Interface Organizer

Mod Configuration Menu

Adds a settings menu to configure mods in-game. Required for many mods.


  • Main File - The Mod Configuration Menu
  • Update File - MCM Bugfix 2 (Do not skip this!)

Vanilla UI Plus

Modernized vanilla-style UI with many enhancements and bugfixes.


Install from archive in MO2 (How To Install Mods)

yUI - User Ynterface

NVSE plugin that aims to fix UI bugs and add new UI features. Doesn't do anything that noticeable on its own without ySI - Sorting Icons.


Main File - yUI

  • After install, double-click the mod and go to INI Editor. Paste in:
; fix the issue where items with different conditions would 'jump around' on update
bFixIndefiniteSorting = 1
; fix the issue where Container Menu would display only a single dropped item at a time
bFixDroppedItems = 1
; fix the issue where Inventory Menu tabline shows up with buttons already selected
bFixTablineSelected = 1
; enable Sorting and Icons section which controls ySI, don't enable this if you don't have ySI installed unless you know what you are doing
bSortingIcons = 1
; match cursor color to HUD color
bMatchingCursor = 1
[Sorting and Icons]
; sort inventory according to tag names supplied in .json
bSortInventory = 1
; add ycons to inventory, container and barter menus
bAddInventoryIcons = 1
; replace hotkey icons with ycons
bReplaceHotkeyIcons = 1
; enable keyring-like clickable categories (this destroys vanilla keyring, so you have to have .json files supplying a new keyring category, i.e. ySI.json)
bEnableCategories = 1

Clean Vanilla HUD

Hand-made up-scaled/cleaned recreations of many vanilla HUD elements.


  • Main File - Clean Vanilla Hud
    • Main Mod:
      • Main Files
      • Clean Fonts
      • Clean Map Icons
      • Clean Radiation Bar
      • Clean Shared Interface
    • Clean Roulette Loading Wheel:
      Loading Roulette Wheel
      Loading Roulette Wheel HD
      None above
    • Patches:
      • Vanilla UI+ Patch
      • I am not a Height Indicator User
      • Alternative Just Hit Indicator
      • Clean Fonts for DarnUI
  • Optional File - Cursor Unilaterally Matched - Patch
    • You do not need to install "Cursor Unilaterally Matched"; it is already built into yUI.
  • Optional File - Clean Companion Wheel
  • Optional File - Clean Vault Boy Paper Doll
  • Optional FIle - Vault Door Loading Wheel

Consistent Pip-Boy Icons

High-quality icons.


  • Main File - 1. Consistent Pip-boy Icons
  • Main File - 2. Consistent Addon Icons
    • Enable all Addons and click Install
  • Main File - Pop-Up Message Icons
    • Enable all Extensions and click Install

Add-on/Optional UI Mods


Adds HUD widgets showing the duration of consumed Aid items. Configure in the MCM; I prefer the Bars mode over the default Icons mode.


Main File - AidUI

FOV Slider

Allows persistent field-of-view adjustments via the MCM.


Main File - FOV Slider

A completely reworked re-imagining of the TTW main menu image.


Main File - Main Menu Redone - TTW - <YOUR RESOLUTION>


Main & Pause Menus Overhaul

Adds a bunch of features to the Main and Pause menus. Fully customizable.


  • Main File - Main And Pause Menus Overhaul
    • Press M from the pause menu to access the MCM
    • Press N from the pause menu to configure MAPMO's settings

With this mod installed, the Mod Configuration Menu button in the pause menu will be hidden! You will have to access the MCM by pressing the M key.

Simplified FO4 HUD

Hybrid Fallout 4/New Vegas-style HUD.


Main File - Simplified FO4 HUD

Tutorial Killer

Removes message boxes that pop up during the tutorial, as well as those that occur once during a new game, and repeating corner-messages.


Main File - Tutorial Killer

ySI - Sorting Ycons

Uses yUI features to add 140+ custom icons and advanced sorting logic to improve inventory management. Make sure bSortingIcons = 1 is enabled in yUI.ini (it should be if following the guide).


Main File - ySI - Sorting Icons