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User Interface & HUD

Core HUD/UI Mods

Mod Configuration Menu

Adds a settings menu to configure mods in-game. Required for many mods.


  • Main File - The Mod Configuration Menu
  • Update File - MCM Bugfix 2 (Do not skip this file!)

Vanilla UI Plus

Modernized vanilla-style UI with many enhancements and bugfixes.

yUI - User Ynterface

NVSE plugin that aims to fix UI bugs and add new UI features. Doesn't do anything that noticeable on its own without ySI - Sorting Ycons.


After installing the Main File, double-click the mod and go to INI Editor. Paste in the following, replacing the existing contents:


; fix the issue where items with different conditions would 'jump around' on update
bFixIndefiniteSorting = 1

; fix the issue where Container Menu would display only a single dropped item at a time
bFixDroppedItems = 1

; fix the issue where Inventory Menu tabline shows up with buttons already selected
bFixTablineSelected = 1

; enable Sorting and Icons section which controls ySI, don't enable this if you don't have ySI installed unless you know what you are doing
bSortingIcons = 1

; match cursor color to HUD color
bMatchingCursor = 1

[Sorting and Icons]

; sort inventory according to tag names supplied in .json
bSortInventory = 1

; add ycons to inventory, container and barter menus
bAddInventoryIcons = 1

; replace hotkey icons with ycons
bReplaceHotkeyIcons = 1

; enable keyring-like clickable categories (this destroys vanilla keyring, so you have to have .json files supplying a new keyring category, i.e. ySI.json)
bEnableCategories = 1

ySI - Sorting Ycons

Uses yUI features to add 140+ custom icons and advanced sorting logic to improve inventory management. Make sure bSortingIcons = 1 is enabled in yUI.ini (it should be if following the guide).

Clean Vanilla HUD

Hand-made up-scaled/cleaned recreations of many vanilla HUD elements.


  • Main File - Clean Vanilla Hud
    • Main Mod:
      • Main Files
      • Clean Fonts
      • Clean Map Icons
      • Clean Radiation Bar
      • Clean Shared Interface
    • Clean Roulette Loading Wheel:
      Loading Roulette Wheel
      Loading Roulette Wheel HD
      None above
    • Patches:
      • Vanilla UI+ Patch
      • I am not a Height Indicator User
      • Alternative Just Hit Indicator
      • Clean Fonts for DarnUI
  • Optional File - Cursor Unilaterally Matched - Patch
    • You do not need to install "Cursor Unilaterally Matched"; it is already built into yUI.
  • Clean Companion Wheel 256x256 Edition
  • Clean Vault Boy Paper Doll
  • Vault Door Loading Wheel

Consistent Pip-Boy Icons

High-quality icons.



Adds HUD widgets showing the duration of consumed Aid items. Configure in the MCM; I prefer the Bars mode over the default Icons mode.


A completely reworked re-imagining of the TTW main menu image. Choose the file that matches your resolution.


Main & Pause Menus Overhaul

Adds a bunch of features to the Main and Pause menus. Fully customizable.


  • First install AnhNVSE; this is a prerequisite for MAPMO.
  • Main File - Main And Pause Menus Overhaul
    • Press M from the pause menu to access the MCM
    • Press N from the pause menu to configure MAPMO's settings
  • Optional Files - Extras - Stewie's Tweaks Sorting Icons Replacer

With this mod installed, the Mod Configuration Menu button in the pause menu will be hidden! You will have to access the MCM by pressing the M key.

Tutorial Killer

Removes message boxes that pop up during the tutorial, as well as those that occur once during a new game, and repeating corner-messages.