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  • Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  • Name the separator Content.

Major World Changes

Rebuild the Capital - A Brotherhood of Steel Expansion Mod

Rebuild the Capital is focused on expanding the Brotherhood of Steel and their role in the wasteland following the events of Broken Steel.



This mod is hard to keep compatible with many popular mods. It is internally patched for everything in the guide, but anything you add may not be compatible out of the box.

FPGE - Functional Post Game Ending

Adds a fully functional post-game world to the game, no longer will you be brought to the credits and end your journey there.


  • Main File - Functional Post Game Ending
    • Single Patches:
      • AWOP Patch
      • Outside Bets Patch
      • Tale of Two Wastelands Patch
      • Uncut Extra Collection Patch (Do NOT select this, it is not for the Uncut Extra Collection version we use later on.)
      • YUP Patch
    • Uncut Wasteland Patches:
      Uncut Wasteland plus NPCs
      Uncut Wasteland (Outside Bets)
      Uncut Wasteland (Viva New Vegas)
    • Miscellaneous Patches:
      • A Very Uncreative Collection of Mod Patches

The Living Desert

Adds several scripted events & hundreds of NPCs who will patrol roads, travel between towns, occupy locations, explore the desert, and react dynamically to your choices throughout the game.

Sweet Pain DC

Overhauls things in A World Of Pain for Fallout 3 to be more appropriate for early and mid level play.


Sweet Pain NV

Overhauls things in AWOP Revised to be more appropriate for early and mid level play.



Adds more locations to game at the more sparse areas of worldspace. Integrates few elements of DLC into base game and makes exploring worthwhile thing to do.


Uncut Wasteland & Extra Collection

Restores a huge amount of scenery, NPCs, creatures and other details which were patched out New Vegas post-release. These versions are patched for TTW and FPGE by Kazopert.


Main Files:

  • Main File - Uncut Wasteland
  • Main File - Uncut Extra Collection
  • Main File - Functional Post Game Ending - Uncut Wasteland And Extra Collection Patch

New Quests

The Someguy Series

Core file required for the next two mods.

New Vegas Bounties I LE

Pursue high-risk/high-reward bounties in the first installment of the The Someguy Series.


  • Main File - New Vegas Bounties I LE
  • Optional File - New Vegas Bounties I LE TTW
  • Main File - SSB

New Vegas Killer LE

Work for Bobby Bass as a contract killer in this fully-voiced quest mod!


  • Main File - New Vegas Killer LE
  • Optional File - NewVegasKillerLETTW

TTW Quest Conversions

A couple of Fallout 3 quest mods from various authors which add many new locations to the game, converted for TTW by RoyBatty.

Small Changes

GRA Unique Weapons Relocated


Home and Safehouse Tweaks

Adds crafting stations and additional containers to several vanilla player homes. Customize the settings in the INI if desired.


  • Main File - Home and Safehouse Tweaks
    • Main file:
      • Home and Safehouse Tweaks
    • Patches:
      YUP Patch
      TTW Addon
  • Main File - Home and Safehouse Tweaks INI File

TTW (D.I.E.O.) Dialogue and Interactions Expansion Overhaul

Overhauls player dialogue and interactions (and also adds new ones!) to the game, all in the most seamless way as possible.



This mod edits dialogue options. Do not ask about it in support channels, dialogue changes are intentional.