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NPCs & Quests


Functional Post-Game Ending

Adds a fully functional post-game world that reflects the consequences of player choices & ending. Select only the Tale of Two Wastelands Patch in the FOMOD installer.

The Living Desert

Adds several scripted events & hundreds of NPCs who will patrol roads, travel between towns, occupy locations, explore the desert, and react dynamically to your choices throughout the game.


The Someguy Series LE

This master file allows you to play mods in the Someguy series, which are being remastered. There are currently three episodes available.


TTW Quest Conversions

A series of Fallout 3 quests from various authors which add many new locations to the game, converted for TTW by RoyBatty.

Uncut Wasteland & Extra Collection

Restores a huge amount of scenery, NPCs, creatures and other details which were patched out New Vegas post-release. These versions are patched for TTW and FPGE by Kazopert.


Main Files:

Player Homes

Capital Wasteland Hideouts

Capital Wasteland Hideouts are small way station player homes (10 locations in total) that offer places to safely store your stuff until you can get to your main base (or until you can acquire one).

  • You should also install the Compatibility patch for SawyerBatty TTW if you plan to use SawyerBatty (coming up in the next section).

Home and Safehouse Tweaks

Adds crafting stations and additional containers to several vanilla player homes. Customize the settings in the INI if desired.

Mobile Truck Base

A mobile player home fueled by flamer ammo. This special edition of MTB can even travel between wastelands with the travel guide found in the glove compartment. The truck is located in Scrapyard (DC) and the key is nearby in a toolbox. For players who started in the Mojave, check Gibson Scrapyard instead.


Sink Redux

A large-scale upgrade for the Sink to turn it into a fully functional player home suitable as your main base even after completing the Old World Blues DLC.

  • You should also install the Compatibility patch for SawyerBatty TTW if you plan to use SawyerBatty (coming up in the next section).

Springvale Garage

A lore-friendly and balanced player home/quest mod for TTW that sees you renovate the ruin of the garage at Springvale Red Rocket into a fully functional and capable home for yourself. Clean up, restore power and water, salvage furniture, and purchase or scavenge powerful upgrades for your home.


Dynamic Weapon Displays

Adds Skyrim-esque weapon displays. Fully compatible with weapons from all the DLC and weapons added by other mods. Contains a patch for TTW & WSG.