Wasteland Survival Guide

Tale of Two Wastelands

A Tale of Two Wastelands 3.3.2 Modding Guide

Wasteland Survival Guide is a customizable, modular modding guide for TTW aimed at providing a stable and bug-free experience, as well as recommending a curated selection of working, up-to-date optional mods for customization. While everything up to the end of the Utilities section is required, the rest of the mods in the guide are optional. You can skip any you don't wish to use and the load order provided in the Finish section will still work.

If you are continuing from The Best of Times (the official TTW installation guide), you should start this guide at the Utilities section. Most of the mods in that section you will already have, however you should update/add whatever you are missing, which currently should include AnhNVSE & yGTM.

This guide uses Mod Organizer 2 exclusively. Its steps specifically pertain to MO2 and cannot be completed on Vortex or any other mod manager. Support will only be provided for MO2.

Requirements - You NEED all of these before continuing!

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