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Changelog - Visions and Afterthoughts


  • Added Pip-Boy UI Tweaks
  • Added CPI v5 - Dynamicon
  • Added Dynamic Weapon Spread - JAM Patch
  • Added Items Transformed - Enhanced Meshes (ITEM)
  • Updated some install instructions
  • Updated MAPMO custom INI
  • Updated load order


  • Added Vanilla Fonts Revisited
  • Replaced Tutorial Killer with ESPless version on ModPub
  • Added Charisma Affects Reputation and its TTW Reputations patch
  • Added Charisma Tweaks
  • Replaced Faster Pip-Boy Animation with Instant and Faster Pipboy (No Stutter)
  • Removed Rebuild The Capital
  • Removed RTC patches
  • Changed the Home & Safehouse Tweaks link to ModPub
  • Added 3rd Person Animation Fixpack
  • Added 1st Person Sliding Fix
  • Improved the descriptions and install instructions of many mods, fixed typos, etc.
  • Updated load order