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Changelog - Renovation


  • Removed Sweet Pain NV - FPGE Patch as it was redundant.
  • Added TTW No Free Level Up.
  • Minor description updates.
  • Updated loadorder.
  • Added New Blood Custom INI, as some of the weapon sway tweaks interfered with Dynamic Weapon Spread.
  • Minor FOMOD instruction fixes.
  • Added Direct Download links to mods that link to Wasteland Supplements.


Today's work was mostly polishing and sweet, sweet consistency. Nobody will notice any of the change except me, and there isn't really much noticeable changes in content, but feel free to read ahead if you're interested.

  • Fixed a lot of english because I (very) am very illiterate.
  • Added instructions for creating separators, not sure why this was ever removed.
  • Added ySI Aid Addon Patch.
  • Deleted instructions for Clean Vanilla HUD that do not actually exist.
  • Added the correct FOMOD interactive buttons for most FOMODs.
  • Fixed the Simple Maps instructions bleeding into High Res Local Maps.
  • Moved High Res Screens from Visuals to User Interface and HUD.
  • Removed Vault Door Loading Wheel.
  • Added Scum's Corner Load Wheel.
  • Added Simple Loadwheels.
  • Removed Bad Mothafucka.
  • Added installation instructions for Supplemental Ammo Crafting.
  • Moved the Recommended Difficulty Notice to the top of Gameplay page.
  • Updated the FOMOD instructions for FPGE to actually be helpful.
  • Fixed RTC's FOMOD.
  • Separated the Someguy Series installations for simplicity.
  • Added the Home and Safehouse Tweaks INI File.
  • Added FOMOD instructions to Home and Safehouse Tweaks.
  • Edited Combatibility Skeletons description.
  • Changed some mod posititoning in the Visuals page.
  • Removed CPI Mod Patches, because it overwrites new CPI v5 icons which are higher quality.


  • Added notice about our Discord server.
  • Reorganized intro page.
  • Fixed typo in Incompatible Mods page, courtesy of Vergir.
  • Moved High Res Local Maps to correct section, courtesy of Vergir.
  • Edited notice about texture mods in the Visuals section.
  • Fixed name of NVVR on landing page.
  • Added MoreMojave.
  • Added Sweet Pain DC.
  • Added Sweet Pain NV.
  • Added RTC - Sweets Consumables Patch.
  • Reorganized Content page and added seperators.
  • Updated loadorder.


  • Added FOMOD installation instructions to Jesus's mods.
  • Removed Weapon Hotkey Icons, ugly.
  • Removed TLD - FPGE Patch, as it is useless.
  • Re-added Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks.
  • Re-added Dynamic Pip-Boy Light.
  • Added a note about recommended difficulty.


  • Added PipBoyOn Node Fixes.
  • Added Vault Door Loading Wheel - TTW.
  • Added Simple Maps.
  • Added MAPMO Extra Files.
  • Added MAPMO Custom INI.
  • Added No Big Guns Patch for Sweet Perk Overhaul.
  • Fixed some typos and consistency errors.


User Interface & HUD

  • Overhauled installation instructions and descriptions of most mods.
  • Re-Added FOV Slider.
  • Removed VHC CUM Patch, as it is unnecessary with MAPMO.
  • Added all of Jesus's UI mods (begrudgingly). - very
  • Added B42 Notify.
  • Added Recent Loot Log.


  • Overhauled installation instructions and descriptions of most mods.
  • Reorganized page.
  • Added TTW Quick Start Item Remover.
  • Added Wasteland Starting Gear DC.
  • Added Bullet Time Improved - a JAM addon.
  • Added Just Sprint Plus - Expansion for JAM and JVS.
  • Added NPCs Sprint In Combat.
  • Added Immersive Recoil 2.0.
  • Added Dynamic Weapon Spread 2.0.
  • Added Consistent Spread - Firearms Accuracy and Wobble Fix.
  • Added Supplemental Ammo Crafting.
  • Removed Baka Skill Book Scanner, as it is a cheat mod for a somewhat unimportant item.
  • Added TTW Merchant Supply Expansion.
  • Removed Misc Gamesetting Tweaks, unnecessary.
  • Removed NV and TTW Collectibles - Merged, cheat mods. As most people using WSG and TTW are playing F3 for the first time in a long time, taking away the fun of finding collectibles seems shitty. Feel free to use it if you do not care for semantics.
  • Added Sweet Perk Overhaul.
  • Re-added Sweet 6 Shooters Perks, was previously removed for performance issues that have now been resolved.
  • Removed Stash Organizer, too much work to make a MOD:PUB account for most users.
  • Moved New Blood to this section.
  • Moved Sweet Consumables to this section.
  • Moved Aid Addon to this section.


  • Moved RTC to this section.
  • Removed Another Interior, quality isn't consistent with the base game.
  • Moved GRA Uniques Relocated to this section.
  • Removed player home mods. Leaving the one we liked, Springvale Garage, seemed out of place. Vanilla homes are enough anyway.


  • Removed and mods were incorporated into other parts of the guide.