Wasteland Survival Guide

Essential Utilities

First, create a "Utilities" separator in MO2.

As you install the mods from this section, organize them underneath this separator.

All of the mods in this section are absolutely essential for the mods in the guide to function! Many mods in the following sections are optional, but make sure to get every Utility listed - they are all hard requirements.

Mods installed manually

New Vegas Heap Replacer

- Replaces the in-game heap with a faster, more optimized version, reducing load times & stutter and slightly improving frame rate

  1. Download Main File - NVHR using the Manual Download button
  2. From the downloaded archive, extract the Data folder and d3dx9_38.dll file to the game's Root folder
    By default, NVHR will create a terminal window every time the game is launched. This lets you know that the heap replacer has loaded successfully. If you would like the terminal to stop appearing, create a file named "d3dx9_38.tmp" in the game's Root folder. This will not affect anything in-game. If you want the terminal to appear again, you can delete "d3dx9_38.tmp"

Mods installed using Root Builder

FNV 4GB Patcher

- Makes Fallout New Vegas 4GB aware and automatically loads NVSE if present

  1. Download the Main File - 4GB Patcher using the Manual Download option
  2. From the downloaded archive, extract the .exe file to the game's Root folder
  3. Right-click on FNVpatch.exe and select Run as administrator
  4. A command prompt window will open and should say FalloutNV.exe patched!
  5. Close the command prompt and a file named FalloutNV_backup.exe should appear in the game's Root folder
  6. In MO2, click the icon and select Create empty mod; name it "4GB Patched EXE"
  7. Activate the 4GB Patched EXE mod you just made then CTRL + double-click it
  8. In the opened folder, create a new folder named "Root"
  9. 4GB Patcher Root Folder
  10. Back in the game's Root folder, cut FalloutNV.exe and then paste it inside the Root folder you created in the previous step
  11. Still in your game root folder, rename FalloutNV_backup.exe back into FalloutNV.exe.
  12. Right click the 4GB Patched EXE mod in the left pane and click "Ignore missing data"


- New Vegas Script Extender (xNVSE) expands the engine and scripting capabilities of Fallout New Vegas, fixing bugs and adding hundreds of new functions

  1. Download the latest release archive and install from archive in MO2
  2. If you don't know how to install a mod that isn't from Nexus, refer to the Mod Installation Advice at the end of the MO2 section of the guide
  3. In the pop-up window, change the Name to reflect the current version of xNVSE that you are installing, e.g. "xNVSE 6.2.7"
  4. Right click on <data> and click Create directory, naming this new directory "Root"
  5. xNVSE create directory
  6. Drag the highlighted files into the "Root" folder
  7. xNVSE drag highlighted files into root
  8. Now expand the tree view of the "Data" folder and drag the "NVSE" folder contained within into the <data> field at the top
  9. xNVSE data folder
  10. The red frame & text will change to green indicating that the data structure looks valid; ensure that your structure matches the image below and finally click
  11. xNVSE valid structure

Discord Rich Presence

- Shows your character info & what you're doing in-game on your Discord profile

Obviously, if you don't use Discord or simply aren't interested then this particular mod can be skipped
  1. Download the Main File - Discord Rich Presence using the Manual Download button and install from archive in MO2
  2. Right click <data> and create a Root folder just like we did for the previous mods
  3. discord rich presence install pt1
  4. Drag the discord-rpc.dll into that Root folder
  5. discord rich presence install pt2
  6. Expand the tree view of the Data folder and drag the nvse folder within into the <data> heading
  7. discord rich presence install pt3
  8. The frame and text should turn green; ensure you match with the image below before clicking
  9. discord rich presence install pt4

Mods installed using MO2

Mod Name Description Instructions
TTW NVSE Additional NVSE plugin required for TTW to function properly Main File - TTW NVSE
JIP LN NVSE An extension of NVSE adding 1000+ new functions, numerous engine bug fixes/tweaks, and restoreing several broken game features Main File - JIP LN NVSE
JohnnyGuitar NVSE xNVSE extender that adds new script functions, features and engine bug fixes Main File - JohnnyGuitar NVSE
lStewieAl's Tweaks Plugin with engine bugfixes, optional tweaks and new features with no performance impact. Fully customisable via in-game menu and INIs. Literally hundreds of features - the biggest and baddest mod there is
It cannot be overstated just how many different things this mod does & how many mods it replaces/obsoletes. Always check the Tweaks menu before installing additional mods. It is the most versatile and powerful tool you have at your disposal, bar none
  • Main File - Stewie Tweaks
  • Main File - Stewie Tweaks Essentials INI
  • Configured via Settings/Tweaks in the title/pause menu
    • Changes made from this in-game menu require a game restart to take effect
AnhNVSE A script extender plugin for NVSE adding dozens of new functions to the game Main File - AnhNVSE
Console Paste Support Adds clipboard paste support, as well as ctrl left/right and backspace/delete to aid typing in console Main File - Console Paste
Improved Console (NVSE) Overcomes several limitations present in the vanilla console Main File - Improved Console
kNVSE Animation Plugin Allows for custom animations to be loaded without overwriting, making it possible to use animations made specifically for certain weapons without affecting the others Main File - kNVSE
Mod Limit Fix Greatly increases the plugin limit by fixing a vanilla bug. Improves performance, even if you are nowhere near the limit Main File - MLF
New Vegas Tick Fix Allows New Vegas to run above 60fps without physics issues, while reducing stuttering and increasing performance
  • Update File - NVTF 9.9.8BETA2
    • Not a misprint - install only the Update File, no Main
  • Guide File - NVTF Fonfig
    • Install from archive and place under Fonfig separator
    If you don't have a Fonfig separator yet, create it now. It should go below all your other separators
ShowOff NVSE An NVSE plugin which adds new functions, as well as some engine-level tweaks
  • Main File - ShowOff NVSE
  • Main File - ShowOff INI
yGTM - Gameplay Tweaks and Madness NVSE plugin that alters, restores and changes gameplay features
You can skip this mod if you are using Just Assorted Mods (JAM) from the Gameplay section
Main File - yGTM

Testing Utilities

  1. Build the root by clicking the icon and selecting Root Builder     Build
  2. Launch the game using the Tale of Two Wastelands option in MO2 (NOT the NVSE option)
  3. Once the game has reached the main menu, hit the ~ key (above the tab key) to open the console
  4. Enter GetNVSEVersion, and the console should print NVSE version: 6
  5. Next, enter GetIsLAA, and the console should print GetIsLAA >> 2
  6. Next, enter IsDLLLoaded d3dx9_38, and the console should print IsDLLLoaded "d3dx9_38.dll" >> 1
  7. Next, enter IsDLLLoaded NVTF, and the console should print IsDLLLoaded "nvtf.dll" >> 1
  8. Next, enter IsDLLLoaded mlf, and the console should print IsDLLLoaded "mlf.dll" >> 1
Before clicking the following continue link, you should make sure you passed all of the preceding tests! The Utilities in this section of the guide are required for optimal performance and stability
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