Wasteland Survival Guide

Player Homes

First, create a "Player Homes" separator in MO2.

As you install the mods from this section, organize them underneath this separator.
Home and Safehouse Tweaks Adds crafting stations and additional containers to several vanilla player homes
TTW Complete Player Home Upgrades Adds a complete set of upgrades to all player homes, makes them all ownable, and adds some missing crafting stations to various places
  • Main File - TTW Complete Player Home Upgrades
  • Optional File - TTW Reputations Patch
Abandoned Safehouse TTW Adds a player home in Springvale by the Red Rocket Pitstop Main File - Abandoned Safehouse TTW
A Very Uncreative Jacobstown Bungalow A straightforward bungalow-style player home located in Jacbostown featuring containers, crafting stations, a bed, water sources, and intentionally dim lighting Main File - A Very Uncreative Jacobstown Bungalow
TTW - Springvale Garage A lore-friendly and balanced player home/quest mod for TTW that sees you renovate the ruin of the garage at Springvale Red Rocket into a fully functional and capable home for yourself. Clean up, restore power and water, salvage furniture, and purchase or scavenge powerful upgrades for your home
Mobile Truck Base
TTW Community Preview Edition
Bomb around the wastes in this sweet mobile player home that consumes flamer fuel. TTW edition. Can travel between wastelands with the travel guide found in the glove compartment
The truck is located in Scrapyard (DC) and the key is nearby in a toolbox. For players starting in the Mojave and not DC check Gibson Scrapyard instead
Dynamic Weapon Displays
  • Adds Skyrim-esque weapon displays. Fully compatible with weapons from all the DLC and weapons added by other mods. Contains a patch for TTW & WSG
  • Main File - Dynamic Weapon Displays
  • In the FOMOD installer select:
    • Wasteland Survival Guide Merged Patch - Install Patch (or skip the merged patch to install individual patches as needed)
    • Weapon Display Models - Default (or your choice)
The following player homes cannot be found on Nexus & are included with special permission from Missing Mesh TV!
Capital Wasteland Hideouts:
Utility Bunker A12
SATCOM Utility Bunker A12 is located slightly northwest of Shalebridge and west of the Abandoned Car Fort. The entrance is through a sewer grate that leads to an abandoned utility tunnel that connects to the bunker. To gain access to the bunker, you will need Average lockpick skills. It offers beds, sinks that give purified water, My First Infirmary, My First Laboratory, a workbench and Repair bench. Main lights can be turned on/off via switch next to the bunker entrance Main File - RRTV Capital Wasteland Hideouts TTW
If you don't know how to install a mod that isn't from Nexus, refer to the Mod Installation Advice at the end of the MO2 section of the guide
Nellis Quonset Hut Located right next to the Boomer Museum at Nellis Air Force Base. It's a small but functional home, providing all you need to make your time at Nellis more enjoyable. To gain access to the Quonset Hut, you will need to boost your reputation with the Boomers. Once you're Liked by the Boomers, the key will be added to the mailbox in front of the Quonset hut and you get a notification pop-up Main File - RRTV Nellis Home
Outcasts' Hideout The Outcasts' Hideout is a large bunker style player home located on the outskirts of Boulder City. It is designed to act as a main base for your Courier with many amenities and scripted quality-of-life features, including a Commissary terminal similar to those from the Lonesome Road DLC. The former residents were a group of Brotherhood of Steel Outcasts from the Capital Wasteland who made their way to the Mojave. They have returned to DC after realizing the Outcasts were brought back into the fold, with one of their former members left behind to an uncertain fate...and holding the key card to the player home
Scavenger's Safehouse A mid-sized bunker style player home located on the eastern side of the Capital Wasteland. It provides a place of refuge, allowing you to catch up on your sleep, drop off some loot and do some trading with the resident merchant. It's a gritty, dimly lit bunker. If you're looking for a bright, cheery location this is probably not the mod for you
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