Wasteland Survival Guide


First, create a "Gameplay" separator in MO2.

As you install the mods from this section, organize them underneath this separator.

Mod Name Description Instructions
Casino Exchange All Trade in all Caps, Legion, NCR & (optionally) Pre-war Money at once, at the casino cashiers.
  • Main File - Casino Exchange All 1-5a
    • Pick whatever you want in the FOMOD
  • Optional File - Voices for Casino Exchange All
Configurable Pip-Boy Light Allows you to configure the Pip-Boy's light color as well as the radius and other things. Main File - Configurable Pip-Boy Light Color
Delay DLC Redux TTW Prevents the game's DLC from spamming the new game startup messages and requires you be near a given DLC's starting location to receive its quest.
It cannot be stressed enough that you need to read the description for this mod so you understand how to start the DLCs while it is installed.
Main File - Delay DLC Redux TTW
Faster Pip-Boy Animation Modifies the Pip-Boy animation to be 2x or 3x faster than default. Works with most Pip-Boy mods. Main File - Faster Pip-Boy Animation (2x)
Companions Command and Control
  • Revolutionizes the way companions are controlled and interacted with.
  • A must-have, it has every feature imaginable when it comes to companions.
JAM - Just Assorted Mods
  • A compilation of interface and gameplay-enhancing mods in one package, configurable in MCM.
  • HUD features like Dynamic Crosshair, Hit Marker, Hit Indicator, Visual Objectives.
  • Gameplay features like FO4-style Loot Menu, Sprint, Bullet Time, Hold Breath, Weapon Hweel.
Misc Gamesetting Tweaks Customizes some vanilla gamesettings with text files that are powered by Stewie's Tweaks.
You can either use the WSG Recommended Settings, or customize your own. Make sure you remember what you picked before reporting "bugs" like jumping too high. Reinstall the mod at any time to change your selections.
The Perk Every Level option doesn't actually do anything because TTW already grants a perk every level in non-Hardcore mode, and this Gamesetting won't effect Hardcore Mode. If you want a perk every level in Harcore Mode, install Hardcore Perk Every Level from Wasteland Supplements.
  • Main File - Misc Gamesetting Tweaks Presets
  • Make your selections & click
Root 'n Loot TTW Replaces all static (non-interactive) containers with lootable equivalents. Main File - Root'n Loot TTW
Stash Organizer Automatically organizes your items in any interior cell, modded or vanilla.
It is recommended to read the description for this mod so you understand how to use its features.
Main File - Stash Organizer
Supplemental Ammo Crafting Adds crafting and breakdown recipes for pretty much all of the ballistic ammo types that were missing them in TTW. Main File - Supplemental Ammo Crafting
Sweet 6 Shooter Perks - TTW Adds 60+ perks and 12+ traits in a vanilla friendly, immersive way. Featuring specialization perks for revolvers, bolt-action weapons, wasteland/Mad Max themed weapons, rockets, communist/guerilla weapons, handguns and more, this perk pack aims to flesh out the perk selection throughout the game for just about every playstyle, with a heavy focus on proper balance and role-playing.
  • Main File - Sweet 6 Shooter Perk Pack TTW Version
  • Optional File - NVB1Patch
Tale of Bi Wastelands Adds Confirmed Bachelor and Cherchez La Femme options for the canonically gay & lesbian merchants to mirror any Black Widow and Lady Killer options in Fallout 3 and its DLC. Main File - Tale of Bi Wastelands
TTW - Mothership Zeta Rewards Adds a container upon completing Mothership Zeta, it will be populated with the items from any abductees you decided to keep alive during your playthrough. Think Honest Hearts, but better! Main File - TTW - Mothership Zeta Rewards
TTW Reputations Adds a functional reputation system to Fallout 3 for parity with New Vegas; compatible with TTW New Vegas Speech Checks. Main File - TTW Reputations
TTW New Vegas Speech Checks Converts all Fallout 3 dialogue to use the New Vegas speech system; compatible with TTW Reputations.
TTW Transportalponder Extended Upgrades the vanilla Big MT Transportalponder! received at the conclusion of Old World Blues into a configurable teleportation device. Over 70 destinations are available, with options to expand to over 100 destinations, or reduce to around 20. Custom recall points are also possible, allowing quick access to The Sink and back! Main File - TTW Transportalponder Extended
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