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In this section we will install a multitude of required tools and mods. It's very important not to skip anything on this page, with the sole exception of the totally optional Discord Rich Presence.

Utilities Installed Manually

FNV 4GB Patcher

Makes Fallout New Vegas 4GB aware and automatically loads xNVSE.


Manual Download the Main File - 4GB Patcher, extract the FNVpatch.exe to the game's Root folder, then right-click it and Run as administrator. Close the FalloutNV.exe patched! command prompt that appears. There should now be a FalloutNV_backup.exe in the game's Root folder.


Expands the engine and scripting capabilities of Fallout New Vegas, fixing bugs and adding hundreds of new functions.


Manual Download the Main File - New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) and extract the contents to the game's Root folder. Note that even if you have the GOG version, you still need to include nvse_steam_loader.dll. xNVSE post-install root folder

New Vegas Heap Replacer

An optimized replacement for the game's heap which will benefit load times, stutter and frame rate.


Manual Download the Main File - NVHR and extract the contents of the archive to the game's Root folder.

NVHR Terminal Window

By default, NVHR will create a terminal window every time the game is launched, letting you know it has loaded successfully. If you would like the terminal to stop appearing, create a file named d3dx9_38.tmp in the Root folder. This will not affect anything in-game. If you want the terminal to appear again, you can delete d3dx9_38.tmp.

Discord Rich Presence

Shows your character info & what you're doing in-game on your Discord profile. Obviously, if you don't use Discord or simply aren't interested then this particular mod can be skipped


Manual Download the Main File - Discord Rich Presence and extract the contents of the archive to the game's Root folder.

Utilities Installed Using MO2

If you don't know what these instructions mean, review How to Install Mods.


Another script extender plugin for NVSE.


Main File - AnhNVSE

Combat Lag Fix (NVSE)

Improves framerate in combat by fixing an engine bug.


Main File - Fast Weapon Lag Fix

Console Paste Support

Adds clipboard paste support, as well as ctrl left/right and backspace/delete to aid typing in console.


Main File - Console Paste

Improved Console (NVSE)

Overcomes several limitations present in the vanilla console.


Main File - Improved Console


An extension of NVSE adding 1000+ new functions, numerous engine bug fixes/tweaks, and restoring several broken game features.


Main File - JIP LN NVSE

JohnnyGuitar NVSE

xNVSE extender that adds new script functions, features and engine bug fixes.


Main File - JohnnyGuitar NVSE

kNVSE Animation Plugin

Allows for custom animations to be loaded without overwriting, making it possible to use animations made specifically for certain weapons without affecting the others.


Main File - kNVSE

lStewieAl's Tweaks

Plugin with engine bugfixes, optional tweaks and new features with no performance impact. Fully customisable via in-game pause menu (Settings/Tweaks) and with INIs. Changes made in the in-game menu require a game restart to take effect.

There's a tweak for that

It cannot be overstated just how many different things this mod does & how many mods it replaces/obsoletes. Always check Settings/Tweaks in the pause menu before installing additional mods, as Tweaks likely already does it.


Mod Limit Fix

Greatly increases the plugin limit by fixing a vanilla bug. Improves performance, even if you are nowhere near the limit.


Main File - MLF

New Vegas Tick Fix

Allows New Vegas to run above 60fps without physics issues, while reducing stuttering and increasing performance. NVTF's memory patches disable Alt-Tab functionality. Follow the Perfomance Guide for the solution.


  • Main File - NVTF
    • After installation, double-click NVTF and go to INI Files tab. Paste in:
    ;This plugin now requires Windows 7 or above.
    ;Only enable options if you know what you're doing.
    ;The ini by default only has the safest options enabled now.
    ; NVTF.ini file redesign by Audley - v2.1
    ; []
    ; Report any bugs and performance issues to the Nexus page.
    ; NOTE: Default settings here will work fine for most setups.
    ; Fixes the 64hz microstutter issue. Settings are under [GTC].
    bGTCFix = 1
    ; Prevents the game from hanging on exit.
    bFastExit = 1
    ; Optimizes the game's hashtables which reduces menu lag. Settings are under [Hashtables].
    bRedoHashtables = 1
    ; Modifies the vanilla DirectX 9 behavior. Settings are under [DirectX].
    bModifyDirectXBehavior = 1
    ; Miscellaneous threading tweaks which improve overall performance. Settings are under [ThreadingTweaks].
    bEnableThreadingTweaks = 1
    ; Used for debugging. Do not use unless you know what you're doing.
    bAllowDirectXDebugging = 0
    ; Allows you to run the game at framerates beyond 60 without encountering physics issues.
    bFPSFix = 1
    ; Alternate GTC fix which is more compatible with older systems, but not as accurate.
    bAlternateGTCFix = 1
    ; This removes the GTC limits. It should only be used if your game is running at the wrong speeds.
    ; You will need to cap your framrate manually with this enabled.
    bRemoveGTCLimits = 0
    ; Improves overall performance.
    ;Setting this option to 2 will make the game smoother but potentially more unstable
    iTweakRCSafeGuard = 1
    ;Even more performance tweaks
    bTweakMiscRendererSafeGuard = 1
    ; Extra critical section tweaks.
    bTweakMiscCriticalSections = 1
    ;Possible fix for randomly occuring freeze and crash (most noticeable in TTW)
    ; Warning: This is a threshold and does NOT cap your frame rate.
    ; Maximum tolerance for the high FPS fix. Ensure your FPS does not exceed this setting.
    ; Leave it alone unless you know what you're doing
    iMaxFPSTolerance = 500
    ; Minimum tolerance for the high FPS fix. Leave alone unless you know what you're doing.
    iMinFPSTolerance = 10
    ; Fix for physics issues caused by high FPS.
    bfMaxTime = 1
    ; Fix for the "spider hands" bug.
    bSpiderHandsFix = 1
    ; This prevents textures from getting mirrored into RAM and reduces overall memory usage.
    ; Using OneTweak (windowed mode) or DXVK is recommended with this setting enabled, otherwise you won't be able to alt-tab back into the game.
    bUseDefaultPoolForTextures = 1
    ; Enables triple buffering which can provide smoother and more consistent FPS. Disabled by default because it adds an extra backbuffer, potentially increasing input lag.
    bToggleTripleBuffering = 0
    ; Resizes the hashtable bucket space.
    bResizeHashtables = 1
    ;Patches that I wouldn't call "proper fixes" but work
    ;Patch for the water LOD bug
    bWaterLODPatch = 1

ShowOff NVSE

An NVSE plugin which adds new functions, as well as some engine-level tweaks.


  • Main File - ShowOff NVSE
  • Main File - ShowOff INI


Currently known as "ROOG NVSE", this NVSE plugin is required for TTW to function properly.


Main File - TTW NVSE

Testing Utilities

Launch the game using the Tale of Two Wastelands option in MO2 (NOT the NVSE option), and hit the ~ key (above the tab key) to open the console.

Enter GetNVSEVersion, and the console should print NVSE version: 6.

  • If not, xNVSE is installed incorrectly.

Next, enter GetIsLAA, and the console should print GetIsLAA >> 2.

  • If it prints >> 0, then the 4GB Patch was applied incorrectly.
  • If it prints an error message, then JIP LN NVSE is installed incorrectly.

Next, enter IsDLLLoaded d3dx9_38, and the console should print IsDLLLoaded "d3dx9_38.dll" >> 1.

Next, enter IsDLLLoaded mlf, and the console should print IsDLLLoaded "mlf.dll" >> 1.

Finally, enter IsDLLLoaded NVTF, and the console should print IsDLLLoaded "nvtf.dll" >> 1.

  • If not, then NVTF is installed incorrectly.
Before Moving On...

Make sure you passed all of these tests before continuing onto the next section! If any of these tools aren't working correctly, your game will not be stable.