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  • Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  • Name the separator STARS.
Spicy Mods Ahead

STARS is a comprehensive, dramatic overhaul of the entire TTW armor suite. It completely rebalances the stats, appearance, and effects of every single armor in the game, fundamentally alters the way power armor functions, and adds a massive collection of the best armor replacers and additions from across the nexus. As such, support requests pertaining to INTENTIONAL changes made by STARS will be IGNORED. READ THE DESCRIPTION on the mod page carefully.

This is a EXTREMELY COMPLICATED AND LENGTHY installation process that must be followed very carefully to avoid missing textures in game. STARS will deviate SIGNIFICANTLY from the vanilla experience, though is widely considered to be the gold standard of armor related modding. Procceed with caution!


Many plugins and folders will need to be HIDDEN throughout the installation process. This can be accomplished by installing the mod as instructed, right clicking the mod, clicking information, navigating to the filetree tab, right clicking on the pertinent plugin or folder, and selecting hide. Support WILL NOT be provided for those who fail to follow these instructions. STARS will provide an alert in-game if any assets are missing or managed incorrectly.

STARS TTW - Sweet's Total Armor Rework System Vanilla +