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  • Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  • Name the separator Overhauls.
Spicy Mods Ahead

The mods ahead may change the game dramatically, requiring compensation in gameplay style for the systems they add. These mods were specifically balanced and designed for hardcore mode. Procceed with caution!


A simple and comprehensive loot scarcity mod using event-based scripting. Prevents the player becoming overpowered too quickly due to the massive amounts of loot in the vanilla game.


RAD - Radiation (Is) Actually Dangerous

Overhauls all aspects of radiation, making it far more consequential.


  • Main File - RAD - Overhaul
  • Main File - RAD - Overhaul - with Injection Fix
    • Main:
      New Vegas Ultimate Edition
      New Vegas Ultimate Edition + YUP
      Tale of Two Wastelands
    • Optional:
      • Better Stealth Suit Mk II

New Blood

Sweet's take on a lighter alternative to BLEED's damage overhaul. It includes bleeding effects on bladed weapon hits that penetrate DT, formula based knockdown effects for blunt weapons and shotguns that penetrate DT, body part damage rebalancing, and a DT/DR/resistance overhaul for creatures.


  • Main File - New Blood

Aid Addon

Features 16 new healing items and new Survival healing options, including a bandage that removes the bleeding effect imparted by the New Blood mod.


Sweet Consumables

A top to bottom overhaul and rebalancing of consumable and misc items.


  • Main File - Sweet Consumables TTW

Due to the nature of this mod's change to make survival healing extending duration rather than magnitude, using this mod WITHOUT hardcore mode enabled will still display FOD and H2O item effects in consumable descriptions to indicate how much survival healing will be granted, despite needs penalties not actually advancing or applying. This is not a bug. DO NOT open support requests about this.

Sweet Healing Systems

A complete overhaul and rebalancing of doctors, sleep, endurance, infirmary based healing and radiation removal, radiation dispersal, infirmary detox, and addiction removal.


  • Main File - Sweet Healing Systems

Harder Barter Faster Stronger

Makes the economy harsher for characters with low barter, makes barter affect prices more, and slightly narrows the difference between max sell and min buy prices.


  • Main File - Harder Barter Faster Stronger