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Mod Organizer 2

In this step, we will install and configure Mod Organizer 2.

Installing MO2

Download Main File - Mod Organizer 2 using the Manual Download link. Run the downloaded installer and choose an unoccupied, non-UAC folder such as C:\Modding\Mod Organizer 2 (do not choose the Root folder).

Once installed, run ModOrganizer.exe, click Next on the Creating an instance pop-up, then select Create a global instance:

Create a global instance

Select TTW from the list of games, then click Next:

Choose TTW from list of games

If TTW is not in the list, you very likely forgot to run New Vegas and/or Fallout 3 once through Steam/GOG, during the Generating Fresh .INI Files step.

Leave the Location file path default and click Next >, then Finish. Say No to the Show Guide? pop-up, then say Yes to the Register pop-up (if you receive one). If at any point you get a INI file is read-only pop-up, select Remember my choice from the drop-down at the bottom, then click Clear the read-only flag.

If there is a plugin called FalloutNV_lang.esp in the right pane of Mod Organizer 2, navigate to the game's Data folder and delete it. This plugin conflicts with (i.e. breaks) most mods by making thousands of direct record edits to the game in order to translate the language.

Configuring Settings

Click the MO2 Settings button at the top of MO2 or press Ctrl+S to open the Settings menu, and make the following changes:

  • General tab:
    • Compact list
    • Show menubar when pressing Alt
  • Theme tab:
    • We suggest dracula, VS15-Dark or 1809 Dark Mode.
    • Linux users should select Fusion.
  • Nexus tab:
    • Click Connect to Nexus and follow the process, then close the browser and exit the MO2 settings menu. Allow MO2 to restart if asked. You may not need to do this if you have already connected your Nexus account on another instance of MO2.

MO2 Connect to Nexus

Click the MO2 Profiles button at the top of MO2 or press Ctrl+P to open the Profiles menu. Enable:

  • Use profile-specific Game INI Files
  • Automatic Archive Invalidation

MO2 Profile Settings


Click the MO2 INI Button button at the top of MO2 and select INI Editor. Paste the following into FalloutCustom.ini:

; Enables additional worker thread for minor performance improvement. Disable if you encounter audio stutter
; Disables debug logging to save memory and CPU time
; Increases memory buffers to reduce audio issues

; Forces cell unload on fast travel to lessen memory usage

; Disables mouse acceleration

; Enables Fullscreen mode (space in setting is NOT a typo)
bFull Screen=1
; Forces highest texture quality so the game will not crash if you had it set to anything lower

; Forces faster cell unload to lessen memory usage
; Spawns additional AI worker threads
; Enables multithreading for most operations
; Sets TTW's starting quest
; Disables FNV intro movie

; Increases grass draw distance

; Increases time interval between background slides

; Changes console font

; Fixes flicker when opening Pip-Boy when its light is on

; Forces max draw distance for bushes

; Increases LOD draw distance
Check the filename

Make sure you are in the FalloutCustom.ini tab, NOT Custom.ini.

How to Install Mods

To minimize repetition, the install instructions for a typical mod in the guide are very concise:


  • Main File - Example Mod 1.5
  • Optional File - Example Mod 1.5

This refers to the mod's Nexus category, file name, and file version. Unless instructed otherwise, simply click the Mod Manager Download button for the listed file(s). They will appear in the Downloads tab of MO2's right pane where you must then double-click them to install.

Manual & Off-Nexus Downloads

If a mod has no Mod Manager Download button, or is hosted on a site other than Nexus, click the Manual Download (or equivalent) button & save the archive somewhere. Drag the downloaded archive into MO2's Downloads pane and finish as usual. Another option is to press Ctrl+M to open the "Install from Archive" interface, then navigate to wherever you saved the archive.

Merge, Replace, or Rename?

When you install multiple mods from the same Nexus page, MO2 will ask if you want to Merge, Replace, or Rename. Always Rename to the respective file name so that MO2 installs each file separately. The only time you should ever use Replace instead of Rename is if you are updating a mod, as this will delete all the files from the old version of the mod and replace them with the ones from the new version. Merge should be avoided unless explicitly instructed to use it by a mod author.

Extract BSA?

If at any point during mod installation you get the message Extract BSA, select No.