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Extra Utilities & Fixes


  • Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  • Name the separator Extra Utilities & Fixes.

Extra Utilities


A script extender plugin that adds many new functions, required by some of the mods in the guide.


Another script extender plugin that adds new functions to the game.

zlib Updated - NVSE

Updates zlib to the latest version for faster loading and less stutter.


Implements a framework to create and automatically load keywords in a simple user-friendly way, via use of INI config files.

Climate Control NVSE

Fixes bugs and adds utilities for weather mods.

Stewie Tweaks - Custom INI

A custom INI file for Stewie's Tweaks that enables many useful gameplay and QoL tweaks.

Faster Main Menu

Makes the games main menu load faster.

Faster Sleep-Wait

Decreases the delay between hours while waiting or sleeping.


  • Main File - Faster Sleep Wait

Auto-Save Manager

Lightweight mod adding timed autosaves, save slots and incremental/full save hotkeys.

Smooth True Iron Sights Camera

Aim down sights without the camera snapping to place.


  • Main File - Smooth True Ironsights


Depth of Field Fix

Fix for depth of field bleeding over onto player's viewmodel.

External Emittance Fix

Fixes a bug that would cause certain particles to appear black.

Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks

Fixes some alpha rendering issues like broken effects when using Transparency Multisampling.

Muzzle Flash Light Fix

Fixes muzzle flash lights not being culled after firing, which would cause the game to continue using them for illumination.

Pip-Boy Shading Fix

Fixes a bug that caused the Pip-Boy to ignore external lights and appear oddly dark, especially in interiors.

Viewmodel Shading Fix

Fixes incorrect specular lighting and lack of muzzle flash lights on viewmodel.

Viewmodel Shake Fix

Fix for massive shaking during aiming caused by floating point precision loss.

Consistent Spread - Firearms Accuracy and Wobble Fix

Fixes firearms inconsistent accuracy caused by vanilla weapon wobble and bugged character spread settings.

Ammo Script Fixes

Fixes several problems at a fundamental level with how ammo scripts and effects work, plus some tweaks for consistency and fun.

Critical and Effects - Fixes and Tweaks

Fixes damage dealing critical effects of most vanilla weapons so that they cannot cause you to miss "killcounts" and other proc effects, plus some personal tweaks.

Equip and Movement Speed Fix - ESPless

Fixes animation speed not updating correctly while in-game for weapon drawing, weapon holstering, and running.


  • Main File - Equip and Movement Speed Fix - ESPless

NPCa - NPC Prevention of Chem addiction - ESPless

Prevents NPCs from gaining addiction effects when using chems or alcohol, as they do not attempt to resolve said debuffs.

Swimming Creatures Fix - ESPless

Gives the "swim" movement flag to the few vanilla creatures that have associated animations, meaning they can now pursue you through water.

Tranquility Lane Pipboy Glove and Custom Race Fix

Stops Tranquility Lane from de-aging you to a child, which breaks multiple race replacers and alternative Pip-Boy replacers.

Mostly Fixed FaceGen Tints (NV or TTW)

Fixes vanilla FaceGen tints.


  • Main File - FaceGen Tint Fixes for TTW

Consistent Weapon Mod Descriptions

Certain weapon mods have an empty line above the description. This simple fix rectifies that issue.


  • Main File - Consistent Weapon Mod Descriptions
    • Main File:
      Vanilla (Plugin)
      Tale of Two Wastelands (Plugin)
      Scriptrunner (ESPless)