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  • Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  • Name the separator Combat.


Weapon Requirements System

Implements customizable Strength and Skill requirements for weapons, making them actually adhere to their previously inconsequential listed requirements.


B42 FireMode - Selective Fire and First Shot Precision - ESPless

Adds selective fire to various weapons and introduces first shot accuracy mechanic.


  • Main File - B42 FireMode

Immersive Recoil 2.0

Adds working recoil to the wasteland.

Immersive Recoil NPC

Adds a recoil-like mechanic for all NPCs by tracking the number of shots made by each NPC and briefly stopping them from shooting if they exceed a certain number of shots within too short a time frame.

Reload Reloaded

Replacements for agility modifiers to reload and draw speed, strength modifiers to throwing range, and custom sneak attack damage multipliers. Highly customizable.

B42 True Leaning

Adds contextual leaning around corners.

  • Main File - B42 True Leaning
  • Main File - B42 True Leaning - Custom INI
    • A custom INI for B42 True Leaning that intentionally disables lean hotkeys in favor of the contextual lean feature.

JIP Localized Damage Fix

This small scriptrunner standardizes all of the player's body part damage multipliers so the AI doesn't always aim for the head.


Power Attack Tweaks

Gives melee power and auto attacks an optional cost in Action Points, allows for regular and special forward power attacks to be used by the player, and allows them to trigger special VATS effects out of VATS.

SMAC - Simple Melee Attack Canceling

Blocking interrupts your melee/unarmed attacks for quick and responsive defense!

Melee Hitstop Effects

Adds hitstop to melee weapons by slowing down gametime to 0.1 for a few frames, then restoring it. Greatly improves the flow of combat.


B42 Quickthrow

Adds brand new, modern throwing weapons mechanics, as seen in Metro, COD, Fallout 4 and some other FPS games.


  • Press M from the pause menu to access the MCM, then navigate to B42 Quickthrow to customize the hotkeys.

Cookable Grenades

Holding a grenade before throwing it decreases its fuse.

Reactions & Animations

Crippled Limb Reaction Enforcer

Makes idle animations for crippled limbs persist in situations where the game does not enforce them correctly. Also gives NPCs debuffs when crippled, similar to those that the player receives.

Simple Attack Reactions - Limb-Specific Animations

Adds a simple animation command line to each grunt when hit. Greatly enhances the flow and realism of combat.


  • Main File - Simple Attack Reactions - TTW
  • Update File - (A) SAR Settings - DT
  • Update File - (B) SAR Settings - DT - Player

Combat AI

Player Combat Priority

Prevents the game becoming too easy by making enemies more likely to target the player in combat rather than companions.


  • Main File - Player Combat Priority
  • Main File - PCP Doggo Patch
    • A patch that further compounds the effects of Player Combat Priority in order to make dogs more survivable in combat.

Simple AI Merge

A reliable collection of AI tweaks designed to improve AI intelligence in combat while still preserving scripted sequences.


  • Main File - The AI Merge