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May 2024


Bugfixes, Clarifications, Updates

  • Updated a few mod descriptions and clarified install instructions.
  • Removed all of the Vanilla+/Hardcore notations.


  • Removed Weapon Jamming Tweaks.
  • Removed B42 Optics in favor of PSRO.


  • Added Weapon Requirements System - Custom INI.
  • Added Scope Aim Tweaks.
  • Added PSRO - Peripheral Scope Reticle Overhaul.


Bugfixes, Clarifications, Updates

  • Added a note about MoreMojave - AWO(L)P Patch in Content.
  • Updated Stewies Tweaks - Custom INI.
  • Updated Enhanced Movement - Custom INI.
  • Updated load order.

Stewie's Tweaks

  • Removed AddItem icons.
  • Removed ammo weight for non-hardcore.
  • Tweaked Fallout 76 Encumbrance AP drain.
  • Moved ammo type label below ammo count.
  • Enabled Save Manager - will create autosaves every 3 minutes.

Enhanced Movement

  • Lowered sprint speed bonus to 50%.
  • Removed sprint hydration consumption.
  • Made AP drain in and out of combat.


  • Removed Armor Damage Overhaul.

Changelog - There's A Place

This update sees a lot of removals from the previous iteration as well as reorganizing and restructuring of the majority of mods.


Bugfixes, Clarifications, Updates

  • Redone several INIs to remove a lot of personal preference tweaks and changes.
  • Updated some mod descriptions and install instructions where needed.


  • Reorganized pretty much every page in the guide for a better flow.
  • Moved around mods to more fitting pages.
  • Moved Optimizations to be right after Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Updated load order.


  • Removed Sweet Keywords as it's no longer needed.
  • Removed Menu Search as it's not really needed unless you want to change its settings, which is not recommended.
  • Removed True Condition due to the Pip-Boy screen being cluttered enough already.
  • Removed Clean AP and Health Bar.
  • Removed CCCP - Cool Clean Cursor Pack as only one cursor fits the game and is already included in MAPMO.
  • Removed 3D Grenade Indicator and Directional Sneak Indicator due to them being rather cheaty and cluttering the screen.
  • Removed Item Cards.
  • Removed Drowning Visuals and Radiation Visuals because all they do is obstruct vision.
  • Removed TTW - More Map Markers as vanilla already has enough of them.
  • Removed Sweet's Simple Settings because none of the options there fit the guide.
  • Removed Purchase Items on Display, flavor mod taking up space.
  • Removed Immersive Minigames, very subjective change and does not integrate well with the rest of the game.
  • Removed Forced Entry for the same reason.
  • Removed Tree New Perks, not significant enough to warrant inclusion.
  • Removed Levelup Traits as it was only needed for the following mod.
  • Removed Vegas Elysium Perk as it doesn't fit the rest of the guide.
  • Removed Sweet's Custom INI for Weapon Requirements System, it was too restrictive and the default values are good enough.
  • Removed Real Weapon Mods 2 and its rebalance, unnecessary flavor mod.
  • Removed Sweet's Configuration for Weapon Jamming Tweaks as the values are unhinged and not recommended for anyone.
  • Removed BURN.
  • Removed Sweet Dynamic Detection System.
  • Removed EDGE and all of its patches, simply changes way too much of the game and creates a lot of compatibility issues as well as balance concerns.
  • Removed Unfound Loot, it doesn't work nearly as well as Famine, which has taken its place.
  • Removed More or Less Rads.
  • Removed TTW NPC Overhaul and its patches, compatability nightmare.


  • Added Auto-Save Manager so it can be customized in the Tweaks menu.
  • Added No Big Guns Patch for Sweet Perk Overhaul.
  • Added Famine to take place of Unfound Loot which has been removed.
  • Added RAD - Overhaul - with Injection Fix to fix a few issues with RAD.

Changelog - Ghost Page

Another SIGNIFICANT reorganization of the overall layout of the guide, as well as many must have (at least, in my opinion) additions! With this update I hope to significantly modernize the options available in the guide, clarify the intent of each section, and appropriately notate when mods are either vanilla plus, not vanilla plus, or hardcore. For those updating from older iterations of the guide, this IS NOT save safe. As always, I'm open to feedback and expecting a fair amount of troubleshooting! <3 :) - Kamchatka


Bugfixes, Clarifications, Updates

  • Various clarifications made throughout the guide.
  • Updated several INIs, including JIP LN NVSE, Stewies Tweaks, Enhanced Movement, and Tweaks for TTW.


  • Completely rebuilt load order with new conflict resolution from the ground up. Added and created patches where necessary.
  • Renamed Hardcore page to Overhauls.
  • Added a Combat page to break up the length of the Gameplay page.
  • Moved all combat oriented mods from thge Gameplay page to the Combat page.
  • Added a STARS page for a rewritten STARS installation guide.
  • Added Vanilla +, Vanilla +, and Hardcore tags to each mod, and removed the Optional sections at the bottom that I had previously used to denote deviations from vanilla +. Because of this change, I moved several mods to more appropriate locations on their respective pages.
  • Moved PipBoyOn Node Fixes to Ambience and STARS page.
  • Moved SSS - Sweets Simple Settings to Gameplay page.


  • Removed JLM - ySI - Colorful Icons Fix Patch, as it is now built into ySI - Colorful Icons Fix.
  • Removed Root n Loot due to the unnecessary nature of the mod.
  • Removed Casino Exchange All due to the unnecessary nature of the mod.
  • Removed Charisma Tweaks - Karuts INI in favor of EDGE's implementation of Charisma effects reputation.
  • Removed Nail Gun Semi-Automatic Rework due to the unnecessary nature of the mod.
  • Removed Mothership Zeta Rewards due to the unnecessary nature of the mod.
  • Removed Combat Enhancer Updated due to breaking of scripted events.
  • Removed PerkPackPlus due to balance concerns.
  • Removed Clean Pipboy Icons Mod Patches, as it is no longer necessary.
  • Removed BHYSYS Custom INI, as this is no longer necessary with Sweets most recent update.
  • Removed Female Pipboy Aligned, as functionality is built into Instant and Faster Pipboy (No Stutter), though also noted a caveat to this.


  • Added Sweet Keywords.
  • Added Faster Main Menu.
  • Added Faster Sleep-Wait.
  • Added Ammo Script Fixes.
  • Added Critical and Effects - Fixes and Tweaks.
  • Added NPCa - NPC Prevention of Chem addiction - ESPless.
  • Added Tranquility Lane Pipboy Glove and Custom Race Fix.
  • Added Menu Search.
  • Added No Exit to Main Menu, then subsequently removed it due to redundancy with a MAPMO feature doing the same.
  • Added ySI - Assorted Fixes and Exit Categories with Tab.
  • Added Clean AP and Health Bars.
  • Added Quick Select - Custom INI.
  • Added Simple Maps - No Urban Shading - TTW
  • Added TTW - More Map Markers.
  • Added Female Pipboy Aligned.
  • Added Reputations - More Map Markers Patch.
  • Added Charisma Tweaks - Custom INI.
  • Added Purchase Items on Display.
  • Added Bottle the Water.
  • Added Forced Entry.
  • Added Transporters - Spelling and Pedantry Patch.
  • Added Tree New Perks.
  • Added Weapon Requirement System - Custom INI.
  • Added Immersive Recoil NPC.
  • Added Cookable Grenades.
  • Added B42 Quickthrow.
  • Added B42 Quickthrow Tweaks - Give player perks method.
  • Added Quickthrow Stylized HUD Icons, then subsequently removed it due to a fundamental misunderstanding of how Quickthrow Tweaks functioned.
  • Added BURN - Hardcore Fire Effects.
  • Added Simple Attack Reactions - Limb-Specific Animations.
  • Added Power Armor Tweaks.
  • Added SMAC - Simple Melee Attack Canceling.
  • Added Melee Hitstop Effects.
  • Added Player Combat Priority.
  • Added Player Combat Priority Alt Chance To Attack Dog Patch.
  • Added Simple AI Merge as a safer alternative to Combat Enhancer Updated.
  • Added 3DNPC DC and 3D NPC NV.
  • Added Faction Wasteland Presence - Improved Edition.
  • Added Mojave Raiders.
  • Added Mojave Wildlife.
  • Added The Great Mojave Interior Overhaul.
  • Added EDGE and various associated patches.
  • Added STARS, all of its dependencies, and various associated patches.
  • Added additional PipBoyOn Node Fixes.
  • Added TTW NPC Overhaul and various associated patches
  • Added Weapon Based Hands Clip Distance.
  • Added Blended Locomotion (no idea how I forgot to add this last update!)
  • Added B42 Optics and various associated patches.
  • Added ATMOS DC and ATMOS NV.
  • Added AWSOMER and various associated patches.
  • Added Accurate NASA Stars.
  • Added NillaPlus Maximum Moon.
  • Added ySI Extended TTW.
  • Added ySI Vanilla MiscQuest Items Patch.
  • Added True Condition.
  • Added Directional Sneak Indicator
  • Added CCCP - Cool Clean Cursor Pack.
  • Added Weapon Hotkey Icons.

Changelog - Atom Bomb

A SIGNIFICANT reorganization of the overall layout of the guide, as well as many must have (at least, in my opinion) additions! The goal of this update is specifically clarify deviations from the vanilla experience, and to make it clear that these mods are optional. <3 - Kamchatka



  • Updated load order to move NavmeshOverhaul.esm AFTER YUPTTW.esm.
  • Clarified the requirement for JAM Sprint to be off in order to use Enhanced Movement.
  • Removed Charisma Affects Reputation due to redundancy with Charisma Tweaks and Karuts Preset.
  • Fixed erraneous JAM - Custom INI link, which was linking to an old version.
  • Removed Improved LOD Noise Texture in favor of Contrasted LOD Noise Texture.
  • Added, then subsequently removed Pip-Boy Light Flicker Fix - NVSE. There was redundancy with an already preconfigured TBOT ini that already contains this fix.
  • Removed General Lighting Overhaul again in favor of Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks (was attempting to create parity with NVVR guide, then was informed that NVVR is moving away from General Lighting Overhaul xD)
  • Removed Dynamic Weapon Spread.
  • Clarified JAM custom INI instructions.


  • Added Extra Utilities & Fixes section.
  • Added Hardcore section.
  • Added Optimization section.
  • Moved Consistent Spread - Firearms Accuracy and Wobble Fix to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved JIP LN - Custom INI to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved JIP Localized Damage Fix to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Stewie Tweaks - Custom INI to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Aqua Performa to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Mainframes Litter Flickering Fix to Visuals.
  • Moved Depth of Field Fix to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved External Emittance Fix to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Fallout Alpha Rendering Tweaks to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Fog-based Object Culling to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Muzzle Flash Light Fix to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Pip-Boy Shading Fix to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved PipBoyOn Node Fixes to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Viewmodel Shading Fix to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Viewmodel Shake Fix to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved MoonlightNVSE to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Improved Lighting Shaders to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Added sub-sections to the User Interface & HUD section and significant reorganization of mods contained on this page.
  • Moved High Resoultion Bloom to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved High Resolution Water Fog to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Instant and Faster Pipboy (No Stutter) to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Clean Just Assorted Mods and Bullet Time Improved - a JAM Addon downloads as an umbrella download linked to JAM itself.
  • Added sub-sections to the Gameplay section and significant reorganization of mods contained on this page.
  • Moved Home & Safehouse Tweaks to the Gameplay section.
  • Moved Hard Barter Faster Stronger to the Hardcore section.
  • Moved Unfound Loot to the Hardcore Section.
  • Moved RAD - Radiation (Is) Actually Dangerous to the Hardcore section.
  • Moved New Blood to the Hardcore section.
  • Moved Aid Addon to the Hardcore section.
  • Moved Sweet Consumables to the Hardcore section.
  • Moved Sweet Healing System to the Hardcore section.
  • Moved Improved AI (Navmesh Overhaul Mod) to Optimizations.
  • Moved TTW Ultimate Invisible Wall Remover to Optimizations.
  • Moved Collision Meshes - DC to Optimizations.
  • Moved Collision Meshes - NV to Optimizations.
  • Moved New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod to Optimizations.
  • Moved MAC-TEN to Optimizations.
  • Moved Items Transformed - Enhanced Meshes to Optimizations.
  • Moved ExRB - Extended Roombounds to Optimizations.
  • Moved Fallout 3 TTW Interior Optimization Project to Optimizations.
  • Removed Metro Map Replacer in favor of adding it to Additions instead.
  • Moved Climate Control NVSE to Extra Utilities & Fixes.
  • Moved Cloud Upgrade NVSE to Extra Utilities & Fixes.


  • Added AnhNVSE.
  • Added SUP NVSE.
  • Added Keywords.
  • Added Mostly Fixed FaceGen Tints(NV or TTW).
  • Added Impostors and LOD Flicker Fix.
  • Added Smooth True Iron Sights Camera.
  • Added Swimming Creatures Fix - ESPless.
  • Added Vent Lighting Fix.
  • Added Weapon Mod Description Fix (TTW).
  • Added zlib Updated - NVSE.
  • Added Equip and Movement Speed Fix - ESPless.
  • Added Sleep, Wait, Hardcore Needs.
  • Added 3D Grenade Indicator.
  • Added Drowning Visuals - ESPless.
  • Added Radiation Visuals - ESPless.
  • Added Simple Night Vision - ESPless.
  • Added Contrasted LOD Noise Texture.
  • Added New Vegas Animation Overhaul - Guns.
  • Added Butcher Pete Complete - A Melee Animation Overhaul.
  • Added Wasteland Warrior - A Melee Animation Overhaul.
  • Added Iron Sights Aligned.
  • Added Another Milenia.
  • Added Another Millenia Gun Add-on.
  • Added ZL Armaments Remastered.
  • Added Tactapack.
  • Added B42 True Leaning.
  • Added The Living Desert Leveled List Overhaul.
  • Added Crippled Limb Reaction Enforcer.
  • Added Real Weapon Mods 2.
  • Added Weapon Jamming Tweaks.
  • Added Combat Enhancer Updated.
  • Added Sweet Dynamic Detection System.
  • Added SSS - Sweets Simple Settings.
  • Added More or Less Rads.
  • Added Reload Reloaded.
  • Added TTW Quick Train to NV Prompt.
  • Added Levelup Traits.
  • Added PerkPackPlus.
  • Added Friends with Benefits Perk Pack.
  • Added Vegas Elysium Perk Pack.
  • Added ADO - Armor Damage Overhaul Custom INI.
  • Added Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks.
  • Added B42 FireMode - Selective Fire and First Shot Precision - ESPless, primarily for its weapon spread effects.
  • Added B42 True Leaning - Custom INI.
  • Added A Very Uncreative Faction Disguise Remover - ESPless so that Friends with Benefits Perk Pack can function appropriately.

Changelog - Cleanup Crew

Just fixing some things I broke in the last update! Appreciate the reports <3. - Kamchatka


  • Added SUP dependencies.
  • Fixed JAM custom ini to properly disable JVS.
  • Fixed several outdated installation instructions from FOMODs that have since changed.
  • Slightly reworded descriptions and instructions for most mods.
  • Fixed the link for Home and Safehouse Tweaks to direct to the nexus page rather than the hidden page.
  • Removed custom johnnyguitar ini, as this has already been added to The Best of Times.
  • Added FOMOD instructions for ExRB.

Changelog - Hostile Takeover

The fools in the WSG team gave me the keys to the kingdom! If things are broken, grab your pitchforks and find me. I hope this will be a really cool update. <3 - Kamchatka


  • Clarified installation instructions for Instant and Faster Pipboy (No Stutter).
  • Removed Charisma Affects Reputation - Reputations Patch, as this is now natively supported.
  • Added TTW Ultimate Invisible Wall Remover.
  • Added ExRB - Extended Roombounds.
  • Added Fallout 3 TTW Interior Optimization Project.
  • Added Mainframes Litter Flickering Fix.
  • Added JohnnyGuitar NVSE - INI Presets.
  • Added CHR Tweaks - Carxt's Preset.
  • Added Simple Power Armor HUD.
  • Added Alternate Holographic Panel.
  • Added Stash Organizer.
  • Added Transporters.
  • Added RAD - Radiation (Is) Actually Dangerous.
  • Added Sweet Healing System.
  • Removed Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks, as this is replaced by Natural Interiors and General Lighting overhaul. This was done for parity with Sal's NVVR guide.
  • Added Natural Interiors.
  • Added General Lighting Overhaul.
  • Removed Just Sprint Plus - Expansion for JAM, as this is replaced by Enhanced Movement.
  • Removed 1st Person Sliding Fix, as this is replaced by Enhanced Movement
  • Added Quick Select - A Zelda BOTW Style Quick Menu.
  • Added Enhanced Movement and a custom INI.
  • Added Item Cards and a custom INI.
  • Added Unfound Loot and a custom INI.
  • Added Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 - Stats (and Some Perks).
  • Added Consistent Pip-Boy Icons v5 - Vault Girl Extension.