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Changelog - April 2023

General Changes & Improvements

  • A handful of mods and patches received updates to correct small issues.

Tale of Two Wastelands

  • Added the Dead Money Hotfix.


  • Switched to the NVTF beta version.


  • Added TTW Quick Start Item Remover.
  • Added Wasteland Starting Gear DC.


  • Added missing Dynamic Weapon Displays - New Vegas Pack - TTW Patch.
  • Added missing Dynamic Weapon Displays - New Vegas Pack - MMTV Sink Redux Patch.
  • Removed the TTW - Mobile Truck Base - Transporters Patch since Transporters was removed in the previous guide update.


  • Removed TTW A World of Pain for Fallout 3 and its patches because the conflict profile against the rest of the guide is huge and it all involves navmeshing, which we can either ignore (not exactly good practice) or spend who knows how long patching things properly.
  • Removed ROOG until some issues are fixed and until a patch for RtC is available, i have no interest in doing this since i find the mod too hardcore to begin with.
  • Created and added a tiny patch between BLEED and TTW that forwards correct sounds for the Dark Natura drink and fixes the RoboScorpion explosion sound.
  • Inverted order of Cyberware and CyberJAM so that CyberJAM is loaded before Cyberware. This prevents CyberJAM from overwriting a cell with an ITM that should instead get patched for TTW. I can patch this later but for now just use both mods and order them this way, or rely on another mod next in the loadorder to bring back the TTW cell edit.
  • Created and added a tiny patch between Weapon Requirements System and TTW that forwards location-specific loading screens from TTW and keeps the text change by WRS.
  • Created and added TTW and Uncut Wasteland patches for SawyerBatty TTW.


  • Updated loadorder.txt, please note that this is very different now as the guide was reviewed completely.