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Changelog - March 2023

This was a fairly turbulent month with the guide being dramatically overhauled from a static site written in raw HTML to a dynamically generated one running on the Docusaurus framework. As much of our attention was devoted to this transition process, please understand that these changelogs might not be as specific or as thoroughly complete as they could be. We will try to keep more detailed logs going forward as things slow down.

General Changes & Improvements

  • All pages now have an "Edit this page" link so users can conveniently fork the guide and submit corrections or additions as a pull request.
  • New functionalities: search bar, zoomable images.
  • INIs and loadorder.txt are now just copy/pasted from the guide instead of downloaded and installed.
  • Updated loadorder.txt.
  • Added Incompatible Mods page ported from TTW forum.
  • Added Mods to Avoid & Tools to Avoid pages. These are adapted from VNV/TBOT but with a lot of editing and rewrites.
  • Updated the FAQ.
  • Updated Contributors page.
  • Moved some patches from in-house downloads to Nexus pages.
  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

Core Guide

  • Rewrote and edited pretty much everything for brevity and clarity.

Modding Guide

  • Moved some mods to more appropriate sections, such as Rebuild the Capital to Overhauls.
  • Rewrote or edited some instructions.
  • Made some changes to mod subcategories in various sections e.g. UI, Animations, Visuals.
  • Added spice meter to Overhauls section.


  • Added Wasteland Warrior.


  • Added Your Buddy is Dead.
    • This may have been slightly before March but was never noted in changelog prior.
  • Added a "spice meter" for users to gauge difficulty level.