Wasteland Survival Guide


First, create an "Animations" separator in MO2.

As you install the mods from this section, organize them underneath this separator.
Using animation replacers like the ones on this page can affect the balance of the game by making attacks and reloads take a different amount of time compared to vanilla. They may also look strange when combined with the Rapid Reload perk, may be distracting, etc.
Mod Name Description Instructions
ISControl Enabler REQUIRED for the following animations - automatically creates ##ISControl nodes for weapons with sighting nodes. Main File - ISControl
B42 Weapon Inertia Makes weapon movement feel more natural and realistic, watch the provided video. Main File - B42 Inertia
NV Compatibility Skeleton A skeleton with compatibility for the latest mods, required for B42 Inertia above.
If you install any other mods which require this mod, allow Compatibility Skeleton to overwrite them by dragging it below them in MO2's left pane!
  • Main File - NVCS Installer
    • In the prompt just click
Anniversary Anim Pack Includes three of Hitman's previous animation/bugfix mods, Subtle Camera Motion, Iron Sights Recoil Animations, and Fire Animation Variants. Also includes some new previously unreleased animations. Main File - Anniversary Anim Pack
Anniversary Anim Pack - General Bugfix Fixed camera jumps, animation snapping, movement lock, broken aim in 3rd person.
  • Main File - AnniAnimPack_BugFix
  • Main File - Bonus Patch
FNV Clean Animations Clean first person animations for New Vegas from rockbiter. A solid base for adding other animations on top.
  • Main File - FNV Clean Animations
  • Update File - FNV Clean Animations - Update
Hit's Anims - Season 2 Animations from Hitman for (mostly) energy weapons. Main File - Hit's Anims - Season 2
Hit's Anims - Season 3 Animations from Hitman for many different weapons. Main File - Hit's Anims - Season 3
Hit's Anims - Animation Fixes Adds Hitman's animations to some left-out weapons, restores vanilla pistol RoF & other fixes. Main File - Hit's Anims - Animation Fixes

Butcher Pete - Part 1 Animations from rockbiter for cleaver and machete-based weapons. Main File - Butcher Pete - A Melee Animation Overhaul (Part 1)
Butcher Pete - Part 2 Animations from rockbiter for knives and blades. Main File - Butcher Pete - A Melee Animation Overhaul (Part 2)
Melee Hitstop Effects Adds hitstop (a very short pause of game time) to melee attacks, giving them a feeling of weight & impact. Main File - Melee Hitstop Effects
Melee VATS Animation Restoration Restores melee VATS animations that were present in FO3 but not FNV. Main File - Melee VATS Animation Restoration
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